Bag carrying Korean men

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  1. Emma says:

    Hi Betch! You know what’s funny..? Chris carries my purse most of the time, even if I’m not carrying anything. I don’t know, he just offers to carry it for me. ^^ Pero lately, he has this rule na he wouldn’t carry my bag if he’s wearing coat and tie, parang di daw kasi bagay. ^^

    Emmas last blog post..In Memoriam.

  2. eden says:

    I’m impressed, ate! How did you get those clear shots? Ang hirap pag tao ang subject baka kung ano isipin nung ibang tao when you take other people’s pics. Hidden cam ba? kkkkkk

    edens last blog post..Korean Men

  3. wendy says:

    my gay doctor friend once remarked he’s going to have a girlfriend so he can carry a bag. LOL.

    wendys last blog post..Remembering Nick Joaquin

  4. trisha says:

    i guess it really is part of korean culture.when i was watching the kdrama witch yoo hee, i was wondering why the main character was always carrying a i know. thats good that they r gentlemen.

    btw, i love ur nice is it being a pinay in korea?is korean hard to learn?i’m a pinay

  5. yen says:

    so i noticed when i was in korea last year. the guys carry the ladies’ handbag. : )

  6. anne says:

    Hi te betch.

    My husband does it but I don’t like the idea, except if Im carrying a lot of stuff.

    But I think, mas grabe sa Pinas especially among students. Men usually carry the purse of their girls. according to my male friends, it’s like saying ” hey, she’s my girl”

  7. cher says:

    bwahahahha…nice pics….my husband would carry my bag too if i’m sick(which is often…kkkk), when i was pregnant and when i’m carrying the baby. he would always complain about how heavy my bag is(electronic dictionary, big wet tissue, umbrella, pocket book….mostly girl scout stuff….but absolutely no kikay stuff….bwahahahaha).

    chers last blog post..Cancerous Baby Powders

  8. reijene says:

    husband doesn’t carry bags, he carries the babies! and if we were to go out without our kids… i don’t carry bags. i don’t like bags. =)

    reijenes last blog post..25 Random Things About Me

  9. mich says:

    I find that cute. It is really a culture thing, men didn’t mind carrying bags. Maybe I should hint this to hubby, it would be a good time to start carrying my oversized bag.

  10. youngmom says:

    i think this is more prevalent here in the phil..especially the teenagers ( with hello kitty/cartoon character)..arggghhh!!..for me it’s a big no-no to let my hubby carry my girly bag.. that totally makes him look gay..(kalbong bading) hahahaha…it is fine for men carrying big bags, shopping bags etc.. but not little handbags..

  11. arvinsign says:

    @ betch

    part time paparazzi? 🙂

  12. maricel says:

    hahahaha…only time i’ve seen that is on asian dramas. you don’t see men carry their wive’s/gf’s purses here. the only time i’ve seen is when my friend makes her husband carry her purse cuz it’s too heavy or she’s carrying something.

  13. Mike In Daegu says:

    Actually, it’s more likely that most of them are carrying their own bag, not their partner’s. Korean men have picked up the man-purse thing and run with it … weird …

  14. bluemoon says:

    hahaha! now I understand bakit lagi kinukuha ng bf ko bag ko. Pero lagi ko rin binabawi sa kanya because it feels awkward.

  15. marian says:

    cute naman nito. chivalry is still prevalent in Korea and that’s good to know. 🙂

    marians last blog post..Jang’s former manager arrested for defamation

    • Betchay says:

      hmm… territorial mga lalaki pero they don’t mind carrying their ladies’ bags… parang they don’t mind wearing floral or pink shirts 🙂

  16. Garando says:

    Kudos to the guy in the last photo. He knows how to carry it properly like a true lady. 😀
    I have a few Korean friends who live a few hours away from Seoul, and unfortunately they are far from what you’d call a “gentleman”. So maybe it still depends on the area they grew up in?

  17. anth says:

    i live there. near namsan haha

  18. FC says:

    japan gays hahaha

  19. Karen says:

    Hi Ms. Betchay

    Yeah with my Korean boyfriend too pero lately he is so sweet… he would carry my bag pag lumalabas kami… Pero na sweetan sya sken nung sobrang sakit ng ulo nya and I offered to carry his bag for him pauwi ng condo nya sa ortigas walking distance lang naman super lapit pero he was insisting na ihatid ako but I was so worried for him so I sent him to his condo instead… Usually discreet kami when it comes to showing our affection pero that night he ask for a goodbye kiss in front of many people…

  20. watchat says:

    hahahaha…exclusively fourth dimension i’ve checked that constitutes upon asian dramas. you don’t see humankinds gestate their wive’s/gf’s handbags here. the entirely time i’ve seen is when my friend makes her conserve contain her pocketbook cuz thems besides cloggy or she’s carrying something.

  21. elyoka says:

    another funny thing – korean couples wearing same clothes. so cute!

  22. SIMON says:

    man up stop this madness whats next wipe the gals ass when she shits…..stop be a man

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