Jo In Sung joins the military

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  1. Doogie says:

    It’s fun to see this post. I saw him in this gangster movie. No idea what the title was actually but I had a huge crush on him, mainly because I thought he looks like my boyfriend. Big smiles here.

  2. cher says:

    hi i changed my blog address, i hope you can update it in your blog too, take care

    chers last blog post..Too Personal!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. tintin says:

    wah sana mag-2011 na para lalabas na sya… haahahahaa

  4. kayni says:

    i have to agree. this guy is soooooooooo good looking…lol, and mind you, i rarely say “good-looking.”

    kaynis last blog post..The Other Shoe Fell

  5. Elliot says:

    I beg to disagree Ms. Betchay! hehehe. JIS is the King, JJH is the Queen. hehe. Kumusta kaya ang mga vanities ng mga male celebs once they enter the military? Of course dapat paglabas nila di sila masyadong sunog, pangit ang skin, scarred, and all that lack of personal care has to bring.

    Elliots last blog post..Avoid Pronunciation Violation

  6. Elline says:

    I wonder what the crazy fan girls would do if it’s TVXQ’s members’ turn to go to the military. xD

  7. Gie says:

    so, he’s leaving showbiz and modeling for good? 🙁 he’s the most good looking korean actor for me.

    i’ve been wanting to go to korea so i’d have the chance to see him in person!

    i heart jo in-sung!!!!

  8. mic says:

    he is good looking and i used to watch that koreanovela lovers in bali? (tama bah?) him entering the military, i’d say a lot of fans will miss him.

  9. tish says:

    i wonder why POPSEOUL is kinda indifferent to jo in-sung always calling him effeminate. that’s weird huh. i think he’s one nice guy trying to be nice to everybody but gets misinterpreted all the time. how sad.

  10. dirty ian says:

    Hello every one. Im a Filipino i appreciates our Filipino actors as much and better as i have seen them on the tv and movies but now that i have seen frozen flower powered by Jo In Sung ,Joo In Moo and Song Mye. It was the most amazing story i have seen and I felt enormous stand of loving a person whom you don’t know If he loves you in return. Its a combination of regrets and self anger that result to a revolted emotion rather than forgiveness while things not getting worst yet. If only forgiveness comes first the situation will not result to death of one of them or both. Honesty should prevail and will make all things shape. To Jo In Sung you are now my number asian star. Hope you can match with Sandara Park. Honestly I like your feminine behavior. tO CONTACT me if somebody want +639198565583.

  11. dirty ian says:

    Anyway, indulging in military is a measure of your manhood and consider as the greatest accomplishment of a man who stands for the safety of His country men, family and self against that intrudes ones owned colony. You deserve it to try and be a cadets or an officer in the future for more experience in application for the next movie offer to come especially tangibles to military. Make the best and excel among others. A star is still a human then its normal to join military. Go Boys Live as a Man

  12. mommytessie says:

    jo insung, you are a great actor…my korean idol

  13. tish says:

    jo in sung rocks! miss you!!

  14. european says:

    can anybody tell me whether it is possible to write a letter to Jo In Sung and to know that 100& he will receive it?

  15. sam says:

    i never imagined that i can be a korean fan until i saw this pretty face… will i ever see u in person? haizt…

  16. lady maud says:

    Jo in sung! he’s my all time korean crush!! </3

  17. ILoveJoInSung says:

    So very happy & excited to know that my all time fave k-actor, <3Jo In Sung<3, is working on his comeback movie. Praying 4 it 2 be realized asap cuz I so-so miss him a lot! I also hope that he takes good care of his health cuz he has lost a lot of it when I saw d episode of The Show King where he appeared after he has been dispatched. His body built in WHIB was awesome! That built suits him well, which appears to be more handsome & huggable b'coz he's tall. But anyhow, no matter what & how you appeared to be, I will still remain to be a loyal fan to you <3Oppa Insung<3 God Bless You always… mwahugzzz<3<3<3

  18. mafe says:

    There’s one drama of JIS – Shoot to the Stars wherein it can only be watched at Dramafever, however, it only caters to North America. This the only one that I haven’t watched and the story is good according to reviews. I’m coming back this December to have a trip to Jeju and Seoul, could you please recommend where to buy eng sub CDs while in Myeongdong area? Thanks loads! Jo In Sung, superbly you’re my fav KR actor, good luck to your current date/relationship- Kim Min Hee!

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