Ten Most Wonderful Things About Korea (my list!)

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  1. cher says:

    we also use hanaro for our internet but they changed to SK broadband recently….I think SK bought Hanaro or something.

    chers last blog post..The White House Chef

  2. cher says:

    i practically agree with almost everything in your list…except for number nine….bwahahahaha.i guess number nine is a case to case basis…kkkkk.

    chers last blog post..The White House Chef

  3. wendy says:

    i have a draft already of “The Things I Like in South Korea” to commemmorate my 3rd year here in Seoul this April hehehe. You have some of those above. By the way, I also have “The Things I Dislike in South Korea” LOL.

    wendys last blog post..Watching Television

  4. kayni says:

    i would really love to visit Seoul one day. hopefully soon =). i’d have to say moving to the US 14 yrs ago, it’s the street food that i’ve missed the most.

    kaynis last blog post..Walking Away

  5. marian says:

    i love this list. it makes me want to visit Korea more! 🙂

    marians last blog post..Rain-JYP Mired in Another Lawsuit

  6. I also agree with most things in the list. I love online shopping because I can shop at the comfort of my own home. However, online shopping experience will not be great if we have a poor internet connection. That’s why finding the right ISP is really important. We must be careful in choosing the right ISP.

  7. lunare says:

    hi!!! I’m heading out to seoul this May and had streetfood-trip as part of my itinerary (likewise, a streetfood fan in the Philippines). Is there any specific place in Jongro that I should NOT miss? ^_^

  8. leah says:

    i love ur list. i’m quite sure #1 & #3 will make it to the top 10 worst things here in the Phils. hay!

  9. khely says:

    wah! i wish i can visit korea someday..
    🙂 korea seems interesting country to visit..
    i want to try the street food like what i’m seeing in the korean dramas..

  10. shee says:

    i enjoyed reading your 10 list of wonderful things in Korea — if i may stress something about numbers 5, 7 & 9 pls allow me. #5 i’ve seen food deliveries watching some Kdramas & was really impressed where they deliver your food from a metal box from a guy on a motorcycle; #7 likewise in the Phil. i probably would think 2x eating from street vendors but Korea would be a place that i wldn’t mind at all. perhaps i’ve been watching too many Kdramas & first Kdrma i’ve seen eating from a street kiosk was in Lovers in Paris among others & i thought one day I’d love to experience that in Korea; #9 i think Koreans have that qualities of being so helpful & accommodating again as i’ve seen in some dramas where they help strangers in carrying some heavy stuff & just being helpful! I can only say there’s so many good qualities in Koreans that I’ve always been impressed about & I’m afraid to ran out of adjectives to describe them! I just wanna say, I love Koreans!

  11. sandro bayeta says:

    yeah korea is really that wonderfull ive been there for 3 years..politeness and thoughtfulness of the people really touch me.sana makakabalik uli ako he3..

  12. Piero says:

    This was a respectable list until you mentioned that the museums in Seoul are better than the ones in DC or NYC. You’re kidding, right?

    National Gallery of Art

    SK would give up Jeju and Dokdo to have the cultural treasures of ONE of the above. Seoul may have the upper hand when it comes to Korean artifacts, but if you’re looking to stimulate the mind instead of looking for a playspace for the kids, give me a day in one of the above rather than a day in Seoul.

  13. elyoka says:

    thanks for sharing! fully agree with all.

    here is my top 10 (in no particular order):
    – subway (clean, fast, well organized, not complicated)
    – hotels (even those little motels are so clean and good equipped)
    – shopping (it is a shopping heaven)
    – taxis (are cheap)
    – korean politeness
    – toilets
    – parks
    – the way they keep the cultural heritage (folk villages etc)
    – children (unders 13 – they are so cuteeee)
    – autumn (the most beautiful season i’ve seen)

  14. Thank you says:

    I just visited a website that had horrifyingly mean comments about Korea. This one just made up for all the things back there. Thank you SO MUCH! You are a very positive person on this website. And also the commenters.

    • Betchay says:

      I’m a happy person and I’m happy with my life here. Korea and Koreans aren’t bad. I get to meet nice people everyday ;p

  15. ConJins says:

    U mentioned everything datz really wonderful living in Korea.
    I strongly agree~
    Almost everything is organized too.

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