Boys Over Flowers official desktop calendar

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96 Responses

  1. Krissy says:

    Pick me please!
    I’m so in love with them right now.
    I’d love to have one.
    I hope you pick me. =)

  2. Ling says:

    I’m sure, there’s a reason why the calendar starts in March and ends February.. Gosh, I’d really love to go there and see Korea, or even just see those boys.. ahahaha.. I’m already married & I have a kid but I seem to go back to teen age years whenever I watch videos of these young men…More power to them.. & More power to you.(keeping my fingers crossed that I can win anything w/them on it.. as in anything..=)

  3. rikka says:

    i don’t know how to express my craziness over BoF..
    basta! i so so love them! i even lied to my parents just to watch the episodes on the net.. hehehe..

  4. yeyen says:

    i hope i’ll be picked! : )

  5. daniella says:

    i love the calendar please!… i wish and hope you will pick me…xoxo

  6. ranalyn says:

    This is fun! =)
    Hope I’ll get it!

  7. Frances says:

    Pick me, pick me. Please? Hehe.

  8. chidori says:

    i want. ^^ I hope i’d get picked πŸ™‚

  9. gelo says:


  10. jehan says:

    6th? oh last time’s winner was 6th commenter

  11. jehan says:

    oops 7th pala and while i was writing a comment there were other doing it… kkkk… oh, kala ko i was the 6th..

  12. jehan says:

    ooops that was “there were others…” uh, more entries more chances of winning? sorry ate betchay…

  13. Eden says:

    Ahh White day na bukas! Woot! My dad’s working so…. I could go out with friends! Nyahahahaha

  14. paw says:

    oh! i want the calendar so much…
    i can’t resist to comment…
    pick me! pick me! πŸ˜€

  15. Maricar says:

    Love the calendar, please pick me. πŸ™‚

  16. bianx says:

    i hope ill be the one ^^,

  17. sollee says:

    OMG..puro mga bagetz ang mga kasali..pwede ba akong sumali?..if ever i won’t be chosen..just send me a calendar of shin min ah if it’s ok with you hehe..

  18. jempres says:

    Harhar. . I want the calendar. . ^.^
    Jandi is getting prettier in the drama. . γ…‹γ…‹

  19. Ebs says:

    Hi! happy white day! πŸ™‚
    Just came across your site. Nakita ko kasi yung word na Pinay. haha then i saw the BOF calendar! 8D
    hope I win~ ^^

  20. Elliot says:

    Sana swertihin tulad ni Ms. Cher! hehehe.

  21. Eyna says:

    i’m on day dreaming! A BOF desktop calendar infront of me everyday.. goshh pick me please..

  22. Nikko says:

    Sana ako mabunot! πŸ˜€ hahaha

  23. valski says:

    boys over flowers and contests! i like both!
    it’s been hard though, i gave up watching dramas for lent, including boys over flowers! it’s killing me! my friends who also watch it tell me it’s getting good!
    thanks for hosting another contest!

  24. june says:

    it’s very nice of you to give away something so cool..
    you think you can put the guys in a box and ship them here too??? ^^(me crazy, hehe..)
    i hope i can have it, it’ll be a very wonderful “get well” gift..
    cos you see, i am suffering from a very rare kind of fever, it’s not deadly, though.. πŸ˜‰ but i can feel it’s gonna be long-standing..

    and you can probably relate.. that, KKOTBODA NAMJA(BOF) fever is definitely on! and highly contagious! (^.^)

  25. wonslove says:

    i watched this series in mysoju. im not so into too teenage stuffs but its nevertheless enjoyable. hehehe. im wondering about the real reason why most koreans opt to die when bad situations arise instead of facing them,just like the girl in this series. hoping to get some insights. than you.

  26. Yeye says:

    I’m joining cos I want a calendar and kekeke~ I like the drama~~ ^^ God seriously a calendar? ^^ Wow your contest is cool~~ ^^

  27. ela says:

    when i first read about this calendar i hurriedly go to your site to make a request for this and then ~kyAa!! you’re giving it away for free!!.. this is limited so i dont think i’ll be able to have one since it’s in Korea, and they dont export to other countries,please pick me! pick me!

  28. bratinella says:

    me me me πŸ™‚

  29. joanne yumol says:

    hey, i really wanna have that desktop calendar, plsss.:((i havent got the chance to have the ost, so please give me a chance to have that one.:)pls.:D

  30. joanne yumol says:

    pls..pick me.:)plsss.plsss.thank you.:D

  31. joanne yumol says:

    plss.plsss.plsss.plsss.pick me.:((pick me.:((i really wanna have it.:((ill owe you a lot if you’d picked me.:)plsss.:(

  32. ghee says:

    hehehe…Loading this site is a pain cause my connection sucks, so.I try stopping and refreshing the page again and again. Seeing all the comments only…. and I got curious.. about the calendar. but at last…. to picture of the calendar was loaded…And I can see the reason why.. their wanting it.. and causing me to want it even more.. hehehe.. I could even picture it on my table now.. hehehe..Hope its me..
    Happy White day!!!

  33. marga says:

    (with arms raised)

    PICK ME ONNI (-_^)v

  34. joanne yumol says:

    please picked me.:(

  35. elsa says:

    hahaha sali din ako..
    white day walang gift poor ako may work si 자기 T.T
    sana khit calendar man lng hahaha
    mkikulit din ba ako ^.^

  36. flora says:

    sali rin ako.
    i love watching this series e.

  37. Carinne (from L.A.) says:

    Sweet! Ever since Meteor Garden, I have had a soft spot for Xi Men (Ken Chu’s character) or Kim Bum’s character. You’re making me curious how you get a hold of these swags, now, I have to read more personal posts from your blog. ^__^ I hope you don’t mind.

  38. [T]rrazzy says:

    the calendar looks awesome!im soo addicted to the korean version =P

  39. Betchay says:

    wow… dami may gusto ng calendar… i still have two BOF posters with me… i might just give them out later πŸ™‚

  40. ren says:

    I will pray for this, I hope I get picked because I love them!!!!

  41. lunare says:

    wee πŸ™‚ calendar this time !!! it’s fun visiting your site hahahah!!! goodluck to me πŸ˜‰

  42. cher says:

    hmmmm….my mom and sis are crazy about this drama(they watch it online)….so i should grab this chance….kkkkk….in case i win i have to send it back home…bwahahahaha.

    chers last blog post..The Little Prince at 3months

  43. cher says:

    by the way where do you get all this stuff?you seem to have a lot of it….kkkk.

    chers last blog post..The Little Prince at 3months

  44. lynmen says:

    Yes, it is odd; i’ve never heard or seen a calendar that’s from march 2009 to february 2010. kinda interesting it will look good on my wall or a poster would be nice xD LOL makes me wonder how you pick the winner. do you write all the names of the people who entered the contest, then put it in a hat and draw the lucky winner. xD hehehe

  45. nicole says:

    wow! very nice of you to do that. πŸ™‚

  46. nicole says:

    pick me, please:)

  47. Jan says:

    pick me po! I love this series. I’m so happy that it will be shown soon in ABSCBN. tagalized version is better than reading subtitles. πŸ™‚ i hope the dubbing is OK.

  48. joanne yumol says:

    pleaseeee.:((give it to me.:Date betchay.:)

  49. joanne yumol says:

    pleaaaasssseee!:((i really really wanna have it.:((im so addicted to them.:)kht yan lng,please.:)

  50. joanne yumol says:

    pleasse pick me.:)ate betchay.:)i really wanna have it.:((

  51. peachy says:

    weee another freebie!!! i want to have it! i wish to be lucky this time around! hihi!


  52. marce says:

    Annyonghaseyo! it’s my birthday on the 18th and getting this limited edition calendar will really make it more special since m such a big fan of this series.
    i’ve only started reading your blog recently and i must say that it’s really interesting to know that a fellow filipina is doing well in korea. thanks for feeding our addiction to these koreanovelas by giving away all these freebies. btw, my friends and i are going on a trip to korea this year and it would be nice if we could touch base then. Kamsahamnida =)

  53. shannon says:

    Heh, I wish I could get that.

    shannons last blog post..

  54. mary says:

    i want :D!

  55. athena says:

    i just recently been hooked to boys over flowers. honestly, i find it waaay better than the taiwanese version. i really wish to have a desktop calendar. i will appreciate it very much.

    *’ope i’ll be picked. i’m keeping my finger crossed now. ΓΌΓΌΓΌ

  56. RainyRaine says:

    the storyline is good

    ang cute ni junpyo..

    pero mas type ko si jandi!!!!

    akin na lng ung calendar!

    para mainggit ung 6yrs old kong pamangkin

  57. Elna says:

    Magandang Hapon πŸ˜€

    I have watched Meteor Garden and Hana Yori Dango Japan but Boys Over Flowers tops them both.

    Jun Pyo and Jan Di look good together πŸ˜€

  58. khymm says:

    wow! please pick me! =)

    khymms last blog post..Concealer Reviews..

  59. joanne yumol says:

    pick me please.:)

  60. diane says:

    HI! first time to leave a comment on your site. Your site is so informative about korean culture and everything about korea. keep it up!

  61. nemixx says:

    haay… looks like a lot of fangirls are interested. i think i only have a small chance in getting this prize… but i must take the risk! haha.. lately, im totally engrossed in watching BOF and it will be totally awesome if i get to have this for myself! if i do, then, i would probably be the only person to have calendar in the whole of Iloilo! so please, please, pick me!

    thanks! ^_^

    nemixxs last blog post..BOF Stars Endorsing Hand Phones!

  62. bummie says:

    my friend told me about this site…and I’m hoping I could get a prize coz I love Boys Over Flowers so much!!! especially Kim Beom,,,love the SoEul love team!!!

  63. raich says:

    ooh! i want!!!! i want!!!!
    am i too late for the selection?
    i hope not, and i hope i get picked though the chances might be slim to none!
    still, aja aja fighting!!!!
    i wish you have about a hundred, ahaha,
    so we can all have a BOF calender each!!!!

    oh minho, hyun joong, kim bum, kim joon, so eun & hye sun!!!! what have you done to make us BOF fanatics and/to fight over for a calendar!!!!

  64. alfred says:

    this is cool..hope i’ll get picked.

  65. slackerzs says:

    where can i buy this??? online? me & my frens are hooked to it!! this will accompany us thru the year!! woohoo!!

  66. amy says:

    Hi… i am also very attracted to BOF.. would love to have this calendar to accompany me thru the tough year of 2009…
    But I am in Singapore. If I am chosen, will it be sent to me too?

  67. moonlady says:

    Can I also join? hahaha! please pick me…^^

  68. slackerzs says:

    where can i buy this??? online? me & my frens are hooked to BOF since it aired!!! this will accompany us thru the year!! woohoo!! πŸ™‚

  69. argene says:

    pick me? πŸ™‚

  70. elaine says:

    i really want it:D
    please pick me.

  71. amy says:

    i really like boys over flowers drama…
    please choose me….

  72. amirah says:

    i really love the dramas…
    please choose me…
    i reall want the calendar..

  73. i am praying that i will be the lucky winner. really really love boys over flower.

  74. Yooboo710 says:

    It’s me again Ms. Betchay…

    Sana dito din manalo ako…
    Gusto ko naman manalo ng authentic na galing sa Korea talaga…

  75. mariam says:

    i like the boys over flowers

  76. Mags de Guzman says:

    wow, this is really great! luv to visit your website. My sisters love BOF they always watch it online:-) I hope I can win this price coz I want to give it to them:-)

  77. abigael panares says:

    pick me please…

    i love BOF sooooo much!!!

  78. Cassiopiea says:

    I’m a bit late~
    I realli NEED that calendar~

  79. amirah says:

    choose me as the lucky person towin the calendar,,..

  80. amirah says:

    i would be happy if i were choose to be the lucky person who win this lovely calendar…
    i hope u can choose me…..

  81. Lilian says:

    I would really love to have the desktop calendar. I have been so facinated by the BOF story that I have been downloading the F$ pictures into my note book and also, my computer in the office. It would be nice if I am picked and can place the calendar on my desk in the office. That will be the envy of everyone in my office. I pray hard for it.

  82. Lilian says:

    I would really love to have the desktop calendar. I have been so facinated by the BOF story that I have been downloading the F4 pictures into my note book and also, my computer in the office. It would be nice if I am picked and can place the calendar on my desk in the office. That will be the envy of everyone in my office. I pray hard for it.

  83. erika says:

    pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!please i really love boys over flowers

  84. george says:

    sana saken πŸ™‚ pandagdag sa mga kaartehan ko dito sa workstation ko πŸ™‚

  85. .aRvZ. says:

    i would be very happy if i’ll have the BOF desktop calendar..^^

    I wish i could have it..(:

  86. .aRvZ. says:

    i really want the desktop calendar..hahah^^

    i hope i’ll be picked..


  87. .aRvZ. says:

    i’m late..;(

    i really want to have it.

  88. felicia says:

    Hello!Ilove boys before flowers:DDDDDDDDDDD

  89. blessel mae siloy says:

    i really want 1 of that,well if its for me then it would be mine…if its not then better luck next time

  90. kathryn says:

    hey there,

    oh my gosh…your freebie is so pretty…i hope you choose me because my sister and i would really love and treasure it with all our hearts…we’re are a very big fan of boys over flowers here in the Philippines…so please…pick me…cause its a once in a lifetime experience of winning that freebie for me and my sister….me and my sister encouraged others to watch and be a fan of boys over flowers and they did….

  91. krutz says:

    jun pyo…..

  92. Michaela says:

    pretty please pick me!! I’m a crazy Filipina teen and a certified fan of Boys Over Flowers!!!!!!!!

  93. kaiye says:

    how good it is if I manage to find this blog earlier..haix..

    anyway, you are really generous:)

  94. madhuri says:


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