OEC is available in Korea

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  1. aneng says:

    Is it possible to apply for a student visa after arriving in Korea with a tourist visa??.. Thank you so much…

  2. umar waqas says:

    Hellow Sir,
    I want to know my medical expiry matter.Currently, i am in Dubai on empolyment visa
    but i have my release paper (NOC).I am jobless here now.
    I already have my valid medical with Dubai visa.I just want to know that can i send my medical paper to you for Korean Visa.
    I have passed my KLT.PK02008002736105/Kor-Emp/RB-2007(Sr.287),13th September 2008.

    Passport No: AB6315691
    Name.Umar Waqas s/o Muhammad Suleman
    Contact No: +971556658747, +923006021006
    Email ID: unseenworld00@yahoo.com
    i need a job plzZ help me…………….!
    Please reply me as soon as possible on, i will be obliged.


  3. arain shoukat says:

    Sir i am shoukat ali arain, i was passed 1st KLT test in 2007 having KLT no.10211693,in “B” grade, i still jobless i was submit the 3 times medical fitness but no response from HRD Korea

  4. khan says:

    i am hard wark man .

  5. FarooqAhmad says:

    Hi sir my name is Farooq Ahmad am very hard work plz give me one chanc am EPs top ice passer am jobless plz help me my kilt number 50600775 madicel fittnes plz concnt me +923043190766 am wet or call

  6. pangs says:

    is there any need of OEC for D-9 visa ?

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