Samsung Heir Lee Jae Yong in a Divorce Suit

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  1. arvinsign says:

    wow they are so rich.This is a huge sum of money (alimony and divorce settlement). As far as the alimony payment is concerned, its relatively small compared to those of M. Jordan, Spielberg, Diamond, H. Ford etc. But if you will add the cost of the share of the property, then its a different story.

    but the biggest of all?

    Rupert Murdoch’s divorce = 1.7 billion US dollars. Thats equivalent to 2.4 Trillion won.

  2. bekir karaca says:

    merhaba ben türkiyeen mutluluklar bir s4 hediye edebilirmisiniz… iyi günler

  1. January 9, 2010

    […] making the request personally was none other then Lee Jae-yong, the 40 year old, pretty boy, recently divorced and recently promoted son of former Samsung Group chairman Lee […]

  2. October 14, 2014

    […] Boo Jin’s elder brother Lee Jae Yong is also a divorcee since 2009. Their Lee Seo Hyun is the CEO of Samsung Fashion (she is married to Kim Jae Yeol, the President of […]

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