Sandara Park as “Rie”

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  1. jehan says:

    hi ate! had i known it was a late telecast, i could have watched it last night. nawala sa isip ko between 10-11pm, kase past 10 halos lagi uwi ko. when i opened the tv last night,past 11, i saw an epic series on mbc but i said to myself it’s not iljimae so i just handed the remote to lakay. grrr… i really wanted to see her… kkk

  2. sollee says:

    Wow..i just love sandara park..good luck to her career in Korea..

  3. Betchay says:

    @jehan >> replay siya ngayon… ay tapos na pala 😀

  4. jehan says:

    ate, i just checked youtube, meron sya pero no english subtitle… pagt-tyagaan ko na lang, makita ko lang acting nya…

    jehans last blog post..Korean Valentine’s Day

  5. jempres says:

    jehan, saw this episode~ cute ni Sandara dito, actually cute nilang dalawa together … kkk

  6. eden says:

    You can watch this in Youtube na ate. I believe it’s episode 7.

    edens last blog post..Chocolate

  7. Shine says:

    i like sandara park…
    im the one fans of her..
    ang cute mo sa scene ng the return of Iljimae..
    ang galing mo,,.

  8. kit says:

    wow, ang galing, it’s nice to see sandara again on television, she’s a good actress.

  9. Anne says:

    Hi Sandy…Hi im a fan of Yours.. and im happy to see you Back in TV…Miss YAH!!! Your so Cute Pa rin 😉

  10. okie says:

    hi!!!!sandy we miss you so much hope that i will see you in person im one of your biggest fan here in philippines

  11. argiesan says:

    ang galing mo talaga sandy pagpatuloy mo lang yan

  12. argiesan says:

    sana makita kita ng personal sandy na iinlove talaga ako sayo nayo saqndy you….so much

  13. balicuat says:

    i love sandara talaga sna magkita tayo in person

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