Samsung Ultra Touch

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  1. Eden says:

    Hmm… parang nakita ko na po tong style na ‘to. Ahh parang LG.

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  2. Jade says:

    I have quit obsessing about phones but addiction to blogging makes me wanna have a phone with wifi ;(

    Jades last blog post..WW – Thaipusam in Singapore

  3. I don’t really understand the obsession with new phones either. I have an ancient hand-me-down nokia phone and it works just fine. I can text and call, and that’s good enough for me.

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  4. Nicole Nunez says:

    I’m not truly a phone collector [since I don’t have the money to be one] but I’m one of those people who are obsessed with new phones, tech, and all that shiz: a techie for short.XD Yes, we know that a phone which can call and send sms is practically the same as any of the latest phones out there. But we also know that we can do more than that. Phones (and other gadgets) just keep on evolving (every month or so).. and it’s just amazing to watch their transformation.>__> haha.

  5. The Samsung Touch Ultra is an awesome phone.

  6. Shavena Vigneswara Kumar says:

    I was just wandering if I could use this picture in a Interactive User Guide i’m doing for my school work.

    Could you please email a reply
    Thank You

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