Boys Over Flowers OST

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33 Responses

  1. ogine says:

    really?…i would like to have that cd it..hope i’ll be picked,..

  2. jempres says:

    ^^I’m leaving a comment to get the CD… ㅋㅋㅋ^^

    My daughter loves this drama so much that she keeps on shouting 구준표 and points out to every 구혜선 poster and ads. But she said she likes the JiHoo character coz he’s nice!!! hehehe

  3. eden says:

    Ate have you heard Byul’s song in ep 11? I think the title is 니가 떠난다. Do you know if this is included in the CD too?

  4. Anne says:

    sounds good…hope il be pick up

  5. anne a says:

    i love this drama…i always get updates in youtube….i would love if i the one be pick but i know lots of the peeps here are really into BOF…i like the korean version coz the story is more detailed and i really like every scene…it is really polished (though i first fell in love in MG-taiwanese version.

  6. Aaron says:

    I hope so too! I have not seen an episode of the TV series but songs are where I mostly get new vocabularies in my Korean language studies!

    I hope to win this CD!!!

    Aarons last blog post..にほんご Lesson #1

  7. Amiel says:

    Wow!! That’s awesome!!

    Amiels last blog post..Kapamilya Themesongs

  8. Liz says:

    Anyong! I’m watching right now Boys Before Flowers and I’m currently on episode 12… I’m so addicted with it! I would love to have the Original Soundtrack CD… ^_^

    Lizs last blog post..Tweet, Tweet … dNeero’s all a-Twitter!

  9. marian says:

    wow… that is so wonderful! you are so generous… hope i get picked.. 😉

    marians last blog post..Tough Times…

  10. kelly says:

    wow! such a welcome treat for BOF lovers like me… thanks!!!

  11. Maricar says:

    wow.. so cool ate betchay. I hope I win.. 🙂

  12. Nixx says:

    im like inlove with this drama. woo! soo addicting 🙂 cant wait till episode 13, actually. rofl xD

    oh, and this contest sounds good 🙂

  13. lunare says:

    nice! am i glad i visited your blog today 🙂 hope i win!

  14. Chris says:

    WAAAAAAAAAAA…. is this for real?
    of course I’ll join this contest. 🙂

    I love BOF 🙂 haha ^^

    Chriss last blog post..[NEWS] Oh WonBin officially left FT Island

  15. skay says:

    i hope I get picked!
    love the OST!

    skays last blog post..

  16. Nikko Karlo says:

    Hahaha. Just interested. It’s weird but I’ve been into so much of these stuff these days.

    Your blog is pretty interesting and informational actually. Thanks a lot.


  17. Nice blog you have, I hope I win the CD.


    Sherwin Iglesiass last blog post..Desert Safari – December 2008

  18. ranalyn says:

    Hi Ms. Betchay! Hi Everyone! ^^
    Just lurking around & trying my luck this time…. =)

  19. Alfred says:

    Hi! I have been watching the series since it started and it completely won me over. Hope that they’ll show this in the Philippines as soon as possible.


  20. sunnie says:

    me wants the cd! hehe
    it’s gonna be a great valentine’s gift!

  21. lloyda says:

    oooh i hope i win. i love this show too much.

  22. Sarahngge says:

    Hi Ms. Betchay! Annyeong haseyo! I want the cd, plsss. Sana manalo ko. Grabe! Kailan kaya d2 ippalabas s pinas yan? Sinubaybayan ko tlga Taiwanese & Japanese version nyan. Sana lahat na lng kami bigyan mo para masaya. Hahaha. Gamsa hamnida! =)

  23. valski says:

    who knew the pama could look so good. lee min ho pulls off the hairstyle very well. he’s dreamy.

  24. carlota says:

    i’m interested. weeee

  25. andre says:

    wow first time in this blog~ really cool to read about a fellow Filipino living in Korea!!

    hope I can get picked~ there’s always a first for everything!! hahahaha

  26. Dada says:

    Pd mkisali! Just can’t miss this opportunity!hehe.

  27. Frances says:

    Oh my gosh! Please let me have this CD! 😀
    Please, please, please!

    (crossed fingers)

  28. rhuth says:

    im working here in middle east me and my sister loves to watch KBS even w/o subtitle we still love to watch it like koreans documentaries about places and news and also the drama series, and then after i heard this new korean drama series im so excited and cant waite to air this in KUWAIT by orbit chanel specially it is a remake of meteor garden. i started to watch it through youtube & mysoju site, i even invited my co workers to watch it, they love it so much and so thankful and upset to me coz i keep them awake for so many nights wacthing this series. inpact me and my sister decided to visit korea for our next vacation, we wish to meet korean celebrity and also the places where they shoots scene. lets support this drama series, coz i know that through this it makes the heart of a lonely person happy. i hope my friends finds love through this series and fo others in a relationsip to keep it strong, trust and love each other.

  29. jehan says:

    pwede po ba ako sumali dito ate? kkk…

  30. haydee says:

    wow free?? hope I win 🙂

    haydees last blog post..can I just complain?

  31. Mer says:

    I love watching Boys Over Flowers! (Lee Min Ho is
    And I just started watching Return of Ilijimae. I haven’t seen Sandara Park there, though.

    Anyway, I hope I get to win that CD!~

  32. andy says:

    im glad my friend told me about this!
    lagi kong pinapanood yung Kkot bodanamja every monday and tuesday! sayang di na naabutan ni jan di si jun pyo 🙁

    sana manalo ako ng ost nila!

  33. Mat says:

    I like this post!

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