Sandara Park in “Doraon Iljimae”

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  1. marga says:

    Oh majayo.
    Sandara is casted in the “Return of Iljimae” as Rie.
    Is it a cameo role? But I think its a minor one.
    Good for Sandara. She’s not too popular here in the Philippines now.
    Ah, I also saw the music video where she was featured.
    Sandara is a very lucky girl~! She even become casted in the female version of Big Bang. Am I right?

  2. ellen says:

    i’m just wondering how does one enter showbusiness in come high schoolers sign up with managers without parental consent( i’ve seen this happen in a recent drama). moreover , it seems that those wannabees pay a certain of money to management companies to get a role, land a recording etc. do you think sandara tried it this way pay a certain amount of money to get a top management agency represent and land her a deal?also how come gays don’t play a major role in korean showbusiness which is the reverse here and in hollywood?

    • Betchay says:

      hi ellen! i’m not really sure how one enter showbusiness in korea but from one drama i saw a decade ago (Stars something) they do a lot of auditions… i think sandara became known in Korea through her appearance in a KBS documentary… during that time, people would ask me if i knew sandara since i’m a filipina… by the way, ask a korean if there are gays in Korea… you’ll get a resounding NOOOOOO! when in fact there are gays here…

  3. marian says:

    good for her. i think she’s slowly making a name for herself in her native Korea. i wish her all the luck. maybe the Philippines is not really the place for her to enter showbusiness. good luck sandy!

    marians last blog post..Tough Times…

    • Betchay says:

      @marian >> i’m not really a fan of sandara but she seems to be genuinely nice… i was amused learning that she still speaks tagalog and she keeps in contact with her fans

  4. sunnie says:

    i’m pretty much excited for her comeback.
    as well as the girl group that she’ll be in.
    im glad she’s with yg. ^^

    sunnies last blog post..Dear Cloudė˜ "Lip" M/V

  5. kristel says:

    hai..i am really one of the fans of sandara i miss her so much

  6. jhe says:

    TO marga:
    Sandara said that her role is a minor one. She will be teaching kung fu to the lead actor and that’s it. She knew that it was just a small role but she is hoping that it can help her in the future projects she will be getting. Besides, Sandara said she never audition for the part. It was like they (managers and etc) just talked about it and that role was given to her.

  7. Choi says:

    I just love her…she never failed to amuse me..she is pretty…I am supporting her all the way…because she is trying her best not only for herself but for her family.
    gambatte sandara-chan.!

  8. ma.michelle says:

    hi!!! im proud to be a

  9. ma.michelle says:

    go to phillipines!!!!!!!

  10. sugar says:

    sandy is an amazing lady… when she was interviewed by bianca g @ e live.. she ‘s still fluent in tagalog..actually she thought her girlband her famous line’MAHAL KO KAYO’ with her popular hand cute…she is willing to perform here in the phil. if they will be invited..their group’s single is alwayz aired @ studio 23…go sandy n to ur girl group banD 2NE1…

  11. jollymay says:

    hi sandara ang kungkrung ng bayan.miss na kita sana mag concert kayo dito sa pilipinas ng group mo.ako yata ang #1 fun mo!jollymay.i love you sandara mmmwwwaaahhh!!!!

  12. LiaDQ says:

    Yes, Sandara remains amusingly humble. To her Korean fans, if you want to have copies of her Philippine CD, SANDARA PARK, there are a few copies left. Just let me know. Thanks.

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