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  1. sollee says:

    It’s nice to know that you’re always excited when you get to see news about our kababayans..nakakamiss talaga ang Pinas!

    • Betchay says:

      @sollee >> oo naman, lalo na father-in-law ko pag nakakita ng pinoy sa TV eh tatawag sa bahay kahit alas-5 ng umaga!

  2. arvinsign says:

    DMB is a boredom killer. nice to have

    • Betchay says:

      @arvinsign >> true… a DMB is a boredom killer and every bored ajumma in the subway should get one so they won’t have to spend their time staring at a foreigner (who, if she happens to be me, could engage in a staring contest with one eyebrow raised)

  3. eden says:

    Ate, kailangan din po ba ng net connection niyan or parang radio na may certain frequency?

    edens last blog post..What’s good about this?

  4. cher says:

    what brand did you buy?i’m also thinking of buying one

    chers last blog post..Happy Lunar New Year 새해복많이받으세요

    • Betchay says:

      i bought the Insmobile Me online

      the Oracom A9 is also nice as it has a korean-english-korean dictionary but the screen is a little small at 2.4″

      the TG Pholic has a navigation… it’s also nice

      before deciding on the Insmobile Me online, i spent a total of 14 hours in Yongsan and Technomart trying all the different brands/kinds of mini PMP/DMB players… ang dami kong nairitang seller 😀

      the iRiver Clix was on sale at Homever last October for 75,000 won but it doesn’t have a card slot and the screen is only 2.2″

  5. arvinsign says:

    cher have a look at the iriver clix. It fits well for a woman since they have this model with an oozing pink color..and its affordable

  6. lynm says:

    do they have these phones with DMB in the states?? sheesh i think america is behind on cell tech. lols. I can’t really afford buying another cell anyways– i still have my old phone and it works just fine. I saw a korean drama where a girl was using her cell and when she was talking to this person, you can see their faces. I thought that was kinda cool– It must be expensive in the states, since I find it rare people using this kind of feature in their cells.

  7. arvinsign says:


    hehe thats true. 🙂 Maybe someday, the govt will allocate DMBs for them as part of their retirement insurance and pay package. hehe

  8. algol says:

    What happened to “Cars”?

    happy new year!

  9. algol says:

    I also saw this sbs (? i think) documentary via my 공짜 phone that came with DMB capability.

    It is about Filipinas who got married with Koreans (then got divorced? not quite so sure). They work in Korea, and they are even Korean citizens because their 주민등록증 were shown (names blurred, of course), but their children are left behind in the care of relatives in the Philippines. Have you seen this? It was aired something like 2 or 3 days ago.

  10. Emma says:

    I saw this documentary too.

  11. JL says:

    Cool, really cool. Wish I had such a device too. Thanks for the share.

    JLs last blog post..The grateful heart

  12. Aaron says:

    Hi Tita, I have long awaited for an update on your site. Parang #2 source ko na po ito about what’s over there in Korea. (#1 is the website of The Korea Times that I access through the nice new Naver homepage)…

    May bagong movie na po pala ang 2 year old ninyo… Well my 6 year old younger bro is still into the Cars… out na nga po ‘yun dito eh. Wall-E naman po…

    DMB is very interesting! Sana po meron n’yan dito sa Canada!!! We have TFC here, dito sa Canada po I mean, but my parents won’t spend bucks on those luxuries.

    Optional Value-Added-Channel po ang TV dito and available lang po through a single cable provider… sayang lang po na ‘yun ang pinakamahal.

    Aarons last blog post..미국 키즈사이트

    • Betchay says:

      hi Aaron! oo sa ‘kin din luxury ang cable… we pay 2,500 won a month (barely $2) for our 65-something channels… marami naman packages dito eh… yung internet/phone/digital tv package ay halos $35 lang a month at ang bilis pa ng internet… mga pinoy tv shows naman marami sa internet… dun na lang ako

      like na like ng son ko Ratatouille kasi minsan naglalakad kami may nakita kaming dalawang albino rats at nakipaglaro kami! since then eh tuwang tuwa na siya sa daga… LOL

  13. drsnowmon says:

    Korea has had DMB capability since 2004 although the trials were started much earlier. Most Korean mobile phones today have capabilities unlike other countries like face to face conversation, and built-in electronic credit card chip features.

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