Kim Bum’s piercing

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  1. lynm says:

    hmm.. kim bum?? isn’t he a member of the korean boy group called suju? super jr?? I might be wrong— perhaps a diff guy which I’m referring to but with the same name. if in fact it is him… oh mys—- for some reason he looks so different. I remember watching mvs of super jr (i still do btw) and he does not look anything like the kibum in those vids eheh but you know what I agree… he is indeed a cutie pie ^^

  2. lynm says:

    yeahp— definitely a different guy. kim kibum=super jr and kim beom=staring in hyd x) neways they are both young. eheh kim beom<– starred in kdrama boys over flower is younger though eheh both are very charming young boys

  3. Eden says:

    He’s cute but feel like somethings missing.

  4. Seoul Kim says:

    Kim Beom(Bum), He’s just an young actor. He has a killer smile! Yes so much! I adore him. I bring here some information. His character name is 소이정(So E Jung). So E Jung is the 2nd son of the potter a class of national treasure, in this BOF. He’s not a son of Chaebol.

    BOF’s popularity! It’s going to the top. And I love this drama too.

  5. jempres says:

    He’s really so cute! I used to watch him in that comedy-Highkick.

    jempress last blog post..The Best Job in the World Ever

  6. markey says:

    wow his so cute…

    markeys last blog post..The Thank You Girls

  7. EeNa^cHaN says:

    love kim bum!
    esp in mnet km 2007..haks!
    nice smile…

  8. kamena-chan says:

    what is kim bum first name??full name???

  9. MinAe says:

    Kim Sang-Beom^^
    i first noticed him in mkmf 2007 too!!!
    he love to smile since he’s a baby^^

  10. jm says:

    i love kim bum!!!omgAd!!he gOt such irrestible smile…

  11. kamena-chan says:

    Orite…tq very much..lurve kim bum.muackk

  12. kamena-chan says:

    where i want to search kim bum pic…in yahoo is non of kim bum pic…where is my love?????

  13. BOF fan says:

    He’s the perfect combination .
    He have looks . He can look smexy ; hot and cute all at the same time ! ;D love him!

  14. keziah says:

    wafuu! wafuu ni kim bum! cutee .. KILLER SMILE!!

  15. keziah says:

    he has a killer smile! and i LOVE it!! My friends and I are addicted to his smile! ^^,

  16. roslia says:

    kIm bUm is mYLyf,Yha a LiL’ biT chiLdish huh.?hehehehe

  17. hannhann says:

    cute,nice and i like him

    hannhanns last blog post..Kim Jung Eun

  18. Rejh says:

    I LOVE him! he’s such a cutie! and when he smiles…….’sigh’
    i just wish i could grab him out from the tv and rape him! LOL
    it’s sad that i could never meet him because he’s from korea and
    i’m from the Philippines……. :3

  19. lum lum bofin says:

    Kim Bum is sooooooooooo hot I want to marry he ho my gosh!

  20. glem gantes says:

    kim bum is so definitely cute and i wish a guy like him to be my boyfriend.

  21. cHerry →adik kEi kiM bUm← says:

    i just cant get enough of KIM BUM..←
    tHe most hottest and cutest star in korea for me..

    i really really love his killer smile., with his dimples.. cUte..

    honestly i always watch BOYS OVER FLOWERS because of him..
    .,if there was a chance 2 meet him..=c
    bUt how?? he’s in korea and im in the pHiL..
    howEver..i never stop believing and dreaming that i will meet him..
    hopE that i can find a guy hu is a bit like him..(sigh)

    wish that KIM BUM(YI JEONG) was in good health.. more power to his career.. anb iLy..(i LOVe yOU)<3

  22. joyce says:


    <3 his killer smile!..

    <3 makes me melt..

    <3 that’s why i luv him….

    <3 i luv him so0o0o0o0o0o mUcHhHhHhHhHhHh…………

    <3 I LUV U KIM BUM <3 [4everrrRrRRrRrRrRrRr]


  23. christelle says:

    .,_+i love you kim bum!! you have a killer smile,, and i really like you!! I want to say hi and I love you!! i want to see you in personal, and I want to hug, and kiss you!!

  24. watta nice face he have! .. having that cute dimples on his cheek,a very seductive killer smile .. gosh ! he’s perfect and kinda boyfriend material ..! all of you are right guys .. he can easily get attention because he’s so cute and his kiler smile also fact , i already watch the full season of BOF because of him .. i admit that i already LOVE HIM .. haha .. but i still remember that it was only an impossible dream of mine for him to feel the same way .. haha ..


  25. and wait !! I WANT TO MARRY YOU !! HAHA .

  26. jullia says:

    h! kim beom (bum) ol of my cousins luv u so much, u have a very beautiful smile, dat attrcts us,,, i luv u 4everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, luv ya,

  27. Jenny says:

    OMG !! sobrang CUTE nya!!! lalo na silang dalawa ni Kim So Eon!!! Sana they end up together!!!grabe Patay na patay ako sa killer smile nya!!!!i wish ako nlng c Kim SO Eun!!:))

  28. pepper says:

    kim bum is my crush

  29. kikAyz says:

    i really love aguy hu has ear piercing!!
    kim bum’s really cute w/ his
    i love him!!

  30. dewi says:

    hello how are you kim bum, I love you, miss you, and I like you,you are so sweeet,

    from dewi indonesia

  31. nicole says:

    i like kim bum in bof he is super cute were he is smile

  32. kIM bUmS wiFE says:

    hAi…kIm bUm..wHaaaaH….xUpEr cUtE….esp.hIs smiLe.! i lv Him xUpEr…

  33. ucuz bilet says:

    he’s got a killer smile wowwww

  34. sheela marie a. villaruel says:

    also kim bum wants a gf that is always giving him a nice launch box after shooting i hope true and i hope kim bum can read this

  35. genfey says:


  36. eiyonacu says:

    i luv kim bum
    wafu wafu ..

  37. love says:

    so cute kim bum

  38. lenie says:

    oh my god ur so very cute kim bum!!!

  39. Mati says:

    Well.. not so cute… i think

  40. kimmy says:

    he is the best among the four……….<3

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