Kim Myung Min and my Saturday!

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  1. marian says:

    he is also one of my favorites, the first time i saw him act was in “Return”, since then, i watched out for his movies. and he is also good in doing comedic roles, like that of in “Bad family.” and yes, it feels good to be a “fan”, right? *hugs*

  2. I am a great fan of Korean movies (Old Boy is one of my 5 favourite films of all times), and Kim Myung Min is a great and very complete artist.

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  3. Hanneebuff says:

    hello there! I’m Pinay too and a fan of Kim Myung Min. My friend and I really liked him when we saw him in Beethoven’s Virus and so she began to watch his other dramas as well. I’ve been busy with work and school that’s why I haven’t started watching his dramas but I’ll do that once vacation starts. Bad Family is currently showing in GMA 7. =D He’s really a very versatile actor don’t you think?

  4. ilovekangmae says:

    wow! I love Kim Myung Min. Watched him first in BV and later became a fan! Watched him in IYSS, WT and BF!Btw, Bad FAmily is currently airing here in the Philippines. 🙂

  5. piano_lady says:

    haha! ilovekangmae! you’re here too!
    Kim Myung Min is the best! XD

  6. yuslina Malaysia says:

    How I wish I could meet him someday & tell him what a fine actor he is. Must seen drama & made me want to be there in Korea again…Opps… I’ve just been in Korea last May..Can’t afford to go there again..I do hope his management could arrange for a tour in Malaysia or Singapore. I’m sure I’ll be ther with my KMM’s fan club..Yayyy!!!

  7. Me says:

    wow! you’re so lucky! wish i could meet him too! i first saw him in Bad Family and since then i’ve been looking out for his other movies/dramas..too bad i don’t know where to find his other shows..I’m currently watching his movie Closer To You.. he’s really good; he could act his character well.. wish he’d go here in the Philippines!

    can i ask around how much is a round trip for Korea from Philippines..?


  1. September 17, 2014

    […] Skating rink, my husband and I decided to walk to Kyobo Bookstore and lo and behold ~ our favorite Kim Myung Min was there! It was so exciting since we both are big fans of the actor who played Admiral Lee Sun […]

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