Boys over Flowers (꽃보다남자): first episode

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  1. Jandi says:

    Wow! A fresh post! So, how was it? It’s really painful waiting for almost a week before a new episode airs but it is much much more painful to wait for the subs online. I can’t wait to watch it! I don’t know the actors who played the roles except for Hyun Joong (got to know him through WGM), I hope he did well!

  2. jehan says:

    hi ate betchay! thank you very much for reminding me about this… im really anticipating this series and i was just so into my first day in school–teaching, kkk… that i forgot about it…

    i hope to get to see the 2nd episode…

  3. marian says:

    after watching the first episode, what’s your take on this? wish ko lang, sana ipalabas din dito sa pilipinas. but you know, after seeing the taiwanese version, mas nagustuhan ko pa din yung japanese version nito. 🙂

    • Betchay says:

      honestly, i wasn’t as excited as i was when i first watched the japanese version… ipapalabas din yan sa pinas at baka magkaroon nga daw ng pinoy version 🙂

  4. Eden says:

    Awwwww…. no subs yet T.T

    Edens last blog post..Spending time wisely ^^

  5. tintin says:

    ipapalabas sya sa abs-cbn………

  6. lynm says:

    i’ve seen a couple of the episodes and i must say the concept of the story from the original version of the drama or should I say the manga is there. I loved it because of the cinematography– it was truly amazing. When I saw the rich guys(the main lead) mansion— I was like dang; it was unbelievably huge; They really captured that in the drama ehehehe It’s good that the kdrama changed the story a lil bit coz it would be kinda boring if they didn’t. I mean some us like myself who already the story wouldn’t be entertained as much. I’ve seen the japanese version as well and the japanese drama pretty much stayed in sync with the manga.

  7. rhuth says:

    this is so nice, i watched the episode upto 12 and i like it, iknstead of watching pinoy lagi lang ung channel sa KBSword korean channel sya. it so nice to watc h this drama it reminds me of my college life during F4 fever.
    infairness Goo Jhun Pyo is much more good looking than Gerry.
    hope share some blogs from you guys… kamsameda=)

  8. natia says:

    hi i am natia. can anybody halp me to watch “boys over flowers” episode 13 and the resh of. pleaze help me.

  9. itzel says:

    i hate having to wait to can u tell me how i can watch the first …is it in utube?

  10. itzel says:

    when is it on ?

  11. sheila mae says:

    ang gwapo ng tatay ni jan di..
    type ko siya…
    hanep talaga ang sexy!!!

  12. jennyfromtheblock says:

    tama ka jan sheila..ang gwapo nya!!
    talo pa niya c wu chun!!

  13. misslee says:

    i so love jun pyo! :))

  14. misslee says:

    Pinapalabas na ito sa ABS-CBN. Nagsimula noong May 11,2009 🙂 Madami na sa youtube. Hmmm, I’m still wondering kung sino ang soon to be F4 ng pinas. Parang wala na yatang tatalo sa Korean at Taiwanese version e! :))

  15. ALMA says:

    AnG gWApO tLgA nG f4
    i WiSh N pKtGPO dN aqOUh Ng kXINg gWApo nLA di2 Xa piNAs
    HmmmM PraNG wLa aMan HehE….

  16. amver says:

    to: lee min-ho
    i wish you all the best..
    ..good health..good’bless..
    ..just always rem:… matter how famous you are,just stay put on the grown,..
    …good luck…

  17. hello! napakaganda talaga ng bots over flowers ngayon..

  18. galingan nyong lahat… aja!

  19. samantha says:

    hello it good show i love u lee min ho and jan di of course i am sam i wacth ever day it sow good show god blees you my emai address is

  20. samantha says:

    lee min ho love jan di ilove u all

  21. samantha says:

    my birt day is september 6 my wish is u come to da philipines

  22. angel balahadia says:

    ang kapal kapal ng face ng channel 7
    grabe ang gagwapo nyo f4
    yung iba dyan you can’t resist the new f4
    bgay na bgay kau jandi jun pyo ang gwapo mo yi jeong sdagutin mo na si gaeul
    bilib aq sau ji hoo

  23. Sharie Mae says:

    Ang gwapo nila:
    Gu Jun Pyo
    Yoon Ji Hoo
    So Yi Jeong
    Song Woo Bin
    At ang ganda ni Guem Jan Di!!!!
    Mas gwapo p ang F4 ng Boys over Flowers kysa sa F4 ng Meteor Garden!!!

  24. arianne says:

    maka buang c kim bum

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