Koreans kidnapping Koreans in Manila

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  1. Eden says:

    It should be “Kidnappings of Koreans by K-gangsters in Manila.” When I talk to “my friends” both Americans and Filipinos about having a Korean friend or going to Korea, they have same reactions. They would often ask “Why in Korea?” and “What’s with Koreans that you like?”<—sarcastic Hmmm… Is there something I’m missing or is there something I don’t know that I should know?

    Either way… I still love Koreans. hehehe

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  2. cher says:

    the negative image of koreans in the philippines was brought about by koreans themselves….sometimes they act like they own the philippines……that action frustrates me(and my husband) a lot.

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  3. jan says:


    lots’a untold stories… 🙂 tsk!

    who knows koreans better than koreans themselves nga naman di ba? 😀
    one Korean word just crossed my mind ‘끼리끼리’ hehe

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  4. never knew about this kidnapping, whats teh current status about this kidnapping?

  5. helena says:

    koreans give a negative impression to the philippines based on what they do with their fellow countrymen. haaayyyy… pathetic naman

  6. Setai Miami says:

    As sad as this is, I have to say this is not an unique occurrence. Crimes similar to this happen everywhere where there is immigration – be it Mexico and USA or Poland and UK – new immigrants are taken advantage of by their own countrymen, one way or the other. It might be a simple fraud, it might be violent, but one thing is the same – it’s not the locals that exploit the newcomers.

  7. billy says:

    koreans are treated bad by whites in america.
    Most of them do laundry, and own small shops.
    koreans are insecure because they are looked down

  8. pinkberry says:

    Korean Kidnapping are planned by alsotheir fellow Koreans, who have stayed longer in the Philippines and have long failed their life, to live, they have to sell their feloow to the police or immigration officers..

    I know lots of them who struggles to live a life but are ruined by their fellow, I think this is the same way in our country…

    In general, koreans are polite and accommodating in their country. I slightly like their Government systemmuch far from the Philippines governance..tsk..tsk!

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