Korean man charged with raping Pinay tutor

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  1. Eden says:

    Sad news. She should have known better. Alone in a hotel with a stranger is a no no.

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  2. Rmjonah says:

    It’s either naivete or stupidity, no pun intended.

  3. wendy says:

    sad news… sadder fate.

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  4. lizzie says:

    that’s horrible!! i hope she’ll be given justice.

  5. lizzie says:

    hi betchay^^(i feel awkward calling you by your first name because i am a stranger to you and so you are to me^^) just want to let you know that ive been following your site from the first day i “discovered” it…it’s nice and very informative(like a radio program^^-joke)..keep writing and i’ll keep visiting…wish you well in everything…

  6. Bonjour says:

    Oh no very naive of the girl to go to a hotel room alone with a man! And I hope that man is severely punished and get his *ss raped in prison over and over again for the rest of his life.

  7. Aaron says:

    Hi Tita Betch, I just think tutoring in Starbucks? It doesn’t sound weird but who would like to get tutorial in such a place?

    I myself was a volunteer in my former school as an assistant for Korean students in my Philippine school. I think tutorial in somewhere else but school is not good… because I should be with this person because of school and in school alone we shall work…

    I had students who were young. Some were attractive young girls but to reduce their parents’ fear (because I’m not a girl and is significantly elder) I ask them to stay in school after class. I do it even if their parents are comfortably trusting me.

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  8. zyre says:

    Sad. She must not go anywhere else with a stranger or tutor a stranger in a hotel room. She should have thought that something may run over that guy’s mind especially they were alone in a private room. (Kumbaga, lalaki pa rin un, nadedemonyo isip non minsan…sorry for my wordings..)
    I was a volunteer languange tutor to Koreans in the university here in the Philippines and we were given warnings by our Languange Program Head not to go with Korean students alone even if it will be going to the mall. We usually stroll or dine out with our Korean friends and students in a group.

    I’m praying for that Filipina who was being raped to be given justice.
    For those Filipinos working or staying in Korea, please be more cautious, be wise, and always fight for your right as a human…
    That’s what i’ve always told to a friend who’s in SK right now. She was invited by a Korean friend to visit SK, but he made her a slave, detained inside the house, and was beaten by the Korean’s mom to the point that she blows blood. She was being maltreated and she knows noone in SK, until she was given an opportunity to contact me…i’ve looked for someone who can help her…and thanks God she was saved…
    That’s why be intelligent enough. You’ve left your country for a greener pasture (legally or illegally staying in SK) but you should not just leave here your principles and your right as a person.

    May God always Bless all of you.

  9. SELaplana says:

    i think, she’s just too careless

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  10. martin says:

    Couldn’t agree more, it also protects against false allegations.

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  11. bubbleboy says:

    sad news kawawa naman yung pinay.

  12. helena says:

    hey! dont just trust anyone and be more cautious

  13. janej says:

    what kind of woman goes to hotel room to teach.
    bad start…..

  14. janej says:

    for a tutor in this wicked world where people are always at mercy of the people with money.

  15. christine says:

    why cant teach at school or home ?

  16. Maeya says:

    I was really surprised and thankful I read this news.
    I almost have a tutoring class with an old korean man.

  17. puh says:

    the sad part is aside from being raped, she might have been underpaid..hajima!! pls respect & pay your filipino teachers/tutors well..ok?

  18. XOXOGossipGirl says:

    This is funny!
    Tutoring in hotel room is a big NO! Starbucks, crazy!
    Not much difference.
    Hey, would you post a more lucrative topic? (^^)

  19. bewitchers says:

    sad to here that..but last time my husband told me that a filipino tutor raped a 11 yrs old korean girl (if im not mistaken it lasted 2yrs) mom just only found out about it when her daughter suffered some vaginal infection..

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