DIY Korea Tour: Coffee Prince location

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  1. Tesha says:

    Betchay dear! Time flows like water. Has it been 6 months since?
    It is now my turn to be a tour guide. My friend Jung Yup’s friend Mr. Hwang is here to learn English for 2 months or so. Unfortunately, I am not doing as well as I have wanted 🙁 He is into outdoor activities like hiking, but Manila is not the place for it. Other than malls, where do people in Manila take their guests? Sigh.

    Teshas last blog post..Once upon a childhood

  2. wendy says:

    betch, i have something for you in my blog:-)

  3. Eden says:

    Oh I’ll take note of that…

    Edens last blog post..I feel so happy…^^,)

  4. lei marie says:

    Hello. I’m here in Korea for a year. I want to visit some locations of popular Korean Telenovelas. Can you please write about this or can you email the information to me? I’ve been to the location of the Coffee Prince and Jewel in the Palace in Naesosa. Thank you

  5. sir s says:

    Hi there. I’m “S” from Malaysia… it been almost 3 years right now since Coffee Prince was aired. I just want to know, is this place (Coffee Prince) still open & operating? I intend to visit Korea this year & I really want to come to this place. Thank you… 🙂

    • Betchay says:

      Hi S! Yes, it’s still open and operating but I’ve been hearing unfavorable news from people who’ve recently been there. I have three friends who went there about a month ago and they said that the manager acted a little unpleasant. When they tried to take pictures of the place, he asked them if they were going to buy coffee or not. They left the place and just went to the Four Seasons House.

      • sir s says:

        Hi Betchay! thanks for the info. I’ve also heard about it from a friend that just came back from Korea. She said that they must buy a drink if they want to hang out there. Hmm… there is no problem for me to buy a cup of coffee because I am intended to hang out there. I just concern about what you said about the service… Just imagine, I come from far away from Malaysia just to visit the Coffee Prince Shop and then suddenly I get a bad treatment from the employees of the cafe… it sure will left me a ‘traumatic’ experience. It is indirectly impact the image of Korea itself… Whatever it is, I really want to go there but I hope once I reach there, the customer service will be more efficient & friendly. I hope you can help me in conveying this message to the Coffee Prince Shop.Thanks again Betchay! 🙂

  6. loise says:

    Hi betchay! i would like to comment too on the manager of the shop. you’re right, we also had a bad treatment by the manager and even bad mouth on one of my friends. we visited the shop since we love so much the Coffee Prince Drama. it’s just sad that we had that experience. Hope that the manager will change his bad attitude towards his costumers . that’s all. Thanks!

  7. jehan says:

    hi Loise!
    so sad to hear about your experience..
    i remember just being told to turn off my camera’s flash when i visited the coffee shop. other than that, the experience was pleasant. i saw the man tell other foreigners too to do the same…
    i just hope that when we go there again, with my mom perhaps, we won’t experience anything bad.. she just loves coffee prince very much…

    • Betchay says:

      Oh it was so different when we visited. I’ve been there twice (I just didn’t remember quite well the second time). At both times, the staff and the manager were nice. They even gave my companions postcards and I told them to take the business cards as well.

  8. Koreanfanatic says:

    Love the coffee there.. but expensive.. but I like it..
    Location wise.. outside the shop.. very messy.. not clean when I went there.. ooh~ the waitress complaint that I use way too many flash when taking phot there.. so she said no flash.. haha.. not-so-frenly!

  9. mylene says:

    HI Betchay,

    When I visited Coffee prince the last time I went there, the owner, the manager and the staff were so accommodating, in fact we have our pictures together and they give me their calling card. So if giving the chance to visit Korea again will be back in CP Shop again and again…Kamsamnida!

  1. January 16, 2010

    […] THE COFFEE PRINCE, COFFEE SHOP – I learned about the directions to this coffee shop from my favorite Pinay in Korea and her site Buhay sa Korea. The place is near Hongik University station on subway line 2 (green line). Although only my niece Sophia and I knows about (and actually watched) the series, I was able to convince my sister Chi, cousin Angelie, officemates Reggie and Angel (with her daughter Shanica) to visit the place with us. Unfortunately, the shop was close to public that day due to a private party. So we just took our pictures outside hehehe. If you want a DIY Tour of this place, read about Betchay’s post here. […]

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