Billy Joel in Seoul

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  1. Rmjonah says:

    piano man rocks!!!
    how about get a nanny who’s being paid by the hour? or have a friend take care of him? too precious, yea?
    have a great day!!!

  2. jegs says:

    hi, so sorry i haven’t mailed the books from tesha yet.. anyway, i am planning to watch pareng BILLY JOEL this weekend..will u have time to meet me? sat or sun afternoon will be okay..

    if not please email me your mailing address again..wala na sa inbox ko ..thanks!

  3. jamil says:

    Hi. How are you? It’s nice to read your blog. Keep on working on it. So, I drop EC for you. Don’t forget to Keep on Smiling. Salaam.

  4. Aaron says:

    Hello. Why will a Hyundai Card give you -20%? Is it a discount card (if ever there is something like that) or Hyundai Group has a bank that their card has something like rewards program?

    And let me try saying it again in Korean…

    안녕하세요. 왜 현대카드는 당신을 -20%을 드리게습니까? 이 것은 Discount Card (만약 세계에 Discount Card[카드]를 있어요) 또는 현대그룹은 은행을 있다면 그때 그들의 카드는 Rewards 프로그램을 있습니까?

    Wow. I found it hard to translate and I don’t even know if I have correct grammar.

    More power to your blog Ate/Tita Betch.

    Aarons last blog post..영어 블로그 다시 오픈

  5. Gary Quinton says:

    Hey, don’t forget who brought you there to that concert in The Philippines! Yes, it’s Gary, your sisters old boyfriend from the Philippines. I recently spoke to Luz and she mentioned about how you fondly remembered the concert and suggested I attach a note on your blog. Anyway, I hope all is well and I wish you the best. Warm Regards, Gary

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