Teacher’s evaluation

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8 Responses

  1. wendy says:

    hell hath no fury if i am the mom of this student!

  2. Jagad Guru says:

    This is inhuman and insane :(:(
    How a human can do this to other human , 🙁 What happened to that teacher now? Any updates please?

  3. cher says:

    i agree with wendy….i don’t know what the hell i can do to that teacher if that will happen to my child.

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  4. eden says:

    Wow! She was hit real hard to get that extensive bruising. They still believe in corporal punishment?

    edens last blog post..I got tagged! 7 Facts about me

  5. lizzie says:

    this explains all the cruelty and punishment shown in school-related korean movies…is this teacher related to jake cuenca? or mike tyson?^^

  6. nancy says:

    hi there.I’m new here to your page. Sorry to hear about this post. This is so inhuman. I bet that teacher has some mental issues or something??? She is not suppose to remain in her post after what she did to this poor kid. (sigh!)

  7. crissy says:

    so absurd! it’s not the best way to encourage children to learn and aim high.. they might even get traumatic with it and never want to go to school anymore.. such a cruel teacher.. X(

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  8. Rhonnie says:

    Whatever the reason, this is way too much.
    What kind of school is that?
    And I start to wonder, what are actually being taught over there?

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