Rivermaya rocks Korea

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  1. Eden says:

    Ate wala pa po ba sa youtube yung festival?

    Edens last blog post..Guess what? (^o^)v

  2. jehan says:

    i really love rivermaya pero di na ko na-update after umalis ni rico blanco, the last time i heard they did a reality show yata to look for a vocalist… pinaka-crush ko si mike.. my barkada and i had the chance to take pictures with each member during their concert for a cause for ely buendia at libis…

    jehans last blog post..My Favorite Gospel Song…

  3. lynm says:

    i love rivermaya.. the old and the new members.. i still listen to bamboo, and rico eheh that’s cool that they got to represent the philippines. ;D i saw some clips in YT and they were awesome. I know the next song festival is still quite of months away.. but I wonder who’s going next to respresent the phil. How was rivermaya selected anyways to go to the festival..?? I think korean boy groups are cute.. dbsk and fareinheit have some things in common: young, they can dance, act cute/have pretty face,and semi sing <.< but eventually they will age like everyone else ^^ most of their fans are teeny boppers hmm…. way to go rivermaya!! ehehe

  4. ivy marie says:

    this is awesome!!!

  5. junexp says:

    your so nice summer

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