Goodbye Choi Jin Sil

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  1. Bonjour says:

    It was very sad. She was a talented beautiful actress with a great career. She had an angelic smile…so sad to see her leave this world this early in this fashion. It’s been a tough year for South Korea, please no more suicides…you only have about 3 months to get through this year. Choi Jin Sil known as “our nation’s actress” will be dearly missed.

    Rest in peace~

  2. punkypaige says:

    We heard the news here in the philippines. I find it hard to believe but we cannot do anything about it. Anyway, i want to ask your help about my recent post “Can we stop LOVE?” my friend needs thousands of voice to clear her mind.

    punkypaiges last blog post..Can you stop love?

  3. marian says:

    this was shown in GMA news, i felt sad. kasi i used to like her character in My Rosy Life. and I surely will miss her. All the while, i thought there would be a sequel to her last drama, My life’s Last Romance.

  4. cielo says:

    i wonder what is happening to the korean local entertainment scene, this is not good example to the fans….

    cielos last blog post..Happy 2nd Birthday Brown Pinay

  5. sollee says:

    May she rest in peace…I’ve read so many comments about her death and I feel sorry for her…and for her family and children…Yes her life had been so complicated…she had been through a lot of really tough times…now who is to blame?…Maybe we could put the blame on the ex husband for she suffered as a battered wife because of him…and made her so depressed for quite some time …or whatever it is…but then blaming each other would only worsen the situation…so I guess they should just learn from all these things and think of the future of the kids she left behind…

  6. joanjoyce says:

    it is just but disappointing to know that famous koreans always resort to suicide whenever they are helpless, didn’t they knew that they were idolized by many to not care at all about their actions. I do not know if this is some sorta of a tradition or what but I hope we still can see the beauty of life no matter how hard it can be.. it saddens me to have heard the news on a local tv here in Manila because I really love her in her A rosy life drama, she made me cry then and now.. I wish her kids well..

    joanjoyces last blog post..Gigit Sulit the 3rd Castaway to Return Home From Survivor Philippines

  7. Bonjour says:

    Actually Choi Jin Sil was the only truly famous one, the few others were not considered to be in famous category. And yes they were helpless, depression is a serious disease/illness at the same time invisible and silent. People need to understand that instead of bashing them of being selfish. Let’s raise awareness for depression and help those who are helpless.

  8. edz says:

    RIP Choi Jin Sil.
    Maybe the root of all these suicide actions is religion…
    To be honest, I knew a lot of koreans (colleagues & friends)that have no religion (faith and fear in God). Although some of them have religion, the connection is not that deep.
    Workaholic and even spending the weekend in the office. Money is very valuable. Without it, the world is nothing.
    Oh I hope and pray that the kids will cope up.
    *Be strong for your love ones and fight depression*
    *taking own’s life is still a killing – a sin*

  9. mimi says:

    this is really bad.. a lot of korean actors commit suicide..
    lee eun joo,U-nee,jung da bin,now its choi jin shil….
    OMG>!!!!!!who’s next????i hope this will be the last!!

    pls. dont do that..stop taking your own lives..
    there are loads of people who are dying for their lives,,
    we are lucky enough to have had a good life.. yeah sometimes,life is not so good,and oftentimes it is really no good at all..but we shouldn’t resort to something like suicide bcoz all the while we are not really alone..
    our family,friends and God is always there..we just have to speak up and tell them how bad we feel..then things will be less achy and you’ll realize that life is something that we cant control..we have to feel it and learn from any experiences whether its god or bad..

    r.i.p choi jin shil….you are one of the most talented actress i’ve ever seen and i hope you’ll find peace wherever you are..;(

  10. khimmie21 says:

    Rest in peace choi jin shil…
    i miss you
    im your no.1 fan
    im a filipino,,,,
    im 14 yrs. old
    i was very inspire to your last movie
    last romace
    im now crying and sad because of you,,,
    i love you,,, also,,,
    jung joon ho,,,

  11. khimmie21 says:

    miss you like crazy,,,
    choi jin shil

  12. rollybhoy says:

    im a no.1 fan also of the late choi jin sil,filipino din aq,anu po email add mu sa fb?…e2 ung skin .>
    sna maad mq slamat,tska pa like nrin fan page nia sa fb e2

    thank u!

  13. rollybhoy says:

    to khimmie that message..:)

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