Korean girl group Jewelry

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  1. Beena says:

    Wow… so lucky o_o

    I’d probably be hyperventilating if I were that close to a Kpop group/artist XD

    Beenas last blog post..Manga Messiah

  2. lynm says:

    That’s so cool. ehehe. Hmm.. I’ve actually heard of the girl group called jewelry. Aren’t korean artists known for lipsynching though? We have kbs world channel and I was able to watch a show called Music Bank. I think most of the artists there are lipsynching. I think korean artists emphasize on dance choreography more than singing, at least in the pop genre ^^

  3. marycar says:

    kainggit naman.. madami kc ng a idolized sa shinee at jewelry eh

  4. 20km is long! how did he manage that?

  5. lolo_caty_28 says:


  6. 20km? he is an athlete … I can only run 500 meters… well, hihi, I exaggerated, maybe 400 meters

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