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  1. Chris says:

    I agree, the remake turned out really great and I am loving this drama 🙂

    Chriss last blog post..Thank you HanCinema!

  2. She looks really nerdy LOL. Actually she looks more like Ugly Betty – The american version of Betty La Fea I guss.

  3. sollee says:

    Bea and John Lloyd are both good actors..and yes..Ruffa is perfect as Daniella..I’m watching this drama too..and I love it!

  4. crissy says:

    the show is interesting and the artists fit their respective roles..

    crissys last blog post..Laarni Losada: Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 Grand Star Dreamer

  5. WAHM says:

    its a good show.. light but effective casting..

  6. wendy says:

    i always wake up anticipating the uploaded episode of the previous night… i’m hooked… my bestfriend in the Philippines is so glad that i am. she is an active LABERS:-)… don’t you just love Hugo? “Patricia!!! kape…. hahaha)

    wendys last blog post..‘Twas my Pride!

  7. Leo says:

    She does look nerdy huh? LOL. It’s an interesting show though and the cast of characters was a good choice.

    Leos last blog post..Heat-Shrink Tubing: Cost Free Online Tutorials – Actual Help Or Armchair Advice?

  8. christine says:

    i love bea in there…that character really fits her…i hope theres another episode on it..coz i hear its almost done

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