Charice: The Most Talented Girl in the World

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  1. gidget says:

    I missed the show. Thanks Betchay for the info. Charice is amazing, I’m very proud of her.

  2. superwool says:

    i watched Oprah yesterday and saw it too! she’s got amazing talent. Loosing in Little big star was the best thing that ever happened to her!

    In the Oprah episode, she said she didn’t win because “they think I wasn’t pretty”. But she’s got the most influential talent at her age.

    I love that kid!

    superwools last blog post..YUCK.

  3. lynm says:

    yahh i saw her show yesterday… in oprah ahaha i was tearing up when she talked about her life story and when she sang my heart will go on.. it was really beautiful. i am so happy for her success and hopefully she’ll continue to make it big. eheh

  4. maricel says:

    I saw that episode too…she did great singing My Heart Will Go On…gave me goosebumps again hahah. She just gets better and better.

  5. Betchay says:

    i kept watching the video and i’m really happy for her… wag sana lumaki ang ulo…

  6. superwool says:

    hope she re-appears on Ellen show. Ellen placed her on US tv first.

    I wonder if she ever thanked falsevoice for making her famous on youtube

  7. aika says:

    she really is!kakaiinggit nga eh!

  8. Aprilyn says:

    Actually, Charice was my bet in Little Big Star, but she did not won the spot,but thanks to falsevoice, with a great talent and a believer of her talent like falsevoice Charice is now on the high spot, making all the Filipinos proud! Her talent is so amazing, . .I wish her all the good blessings to come in her life,stay humble, i kn0w a lot of people around the world will know and will be amazed with your talent.

  1. September 11, 2008

    Charice in Oprah’s Dreams Come True…

    “Charice was in Oprah yesterday, September 9, and she had more exposure than the first time she was in the show. She talked about her life growing up in a small village in the Philippines. She was crying while narrating how her mother worked hard to r…

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