Seoul Drum Festival

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3 Responses

  1. jehan says:

    hi Ate Betchay… been delayed for weeks here in the Philippines.. Di ko na naabutan kasal ng cousin ng husband ko, di ko pa rin maaabutan po ang Thanksgiving holidays.. and I hope, before these festivals arrive, sana makarinig na rin ako ng good news from the Korean Immigration po, haaay, hehe….

  2. Darrel Nash says:

    I wish I visit the festival to gain some experience in drumming.

  3. Baniekona says:

    Dear friends,

    My name is Leonard BANIEKONA, I am a founder and director of
    Congo-Brazzaville based drums and dance group, Ngoma Za Kongo, meaning
    “Drums of Kongo”. The group was created in 1999 with the goal of
    promoting and improving the real Kongo traditional music and
    chorographical creativity in the Republic of Congo. As we would like to
    introduce our performance to your festival.

    Ngoma za Kongo will participate in USA to the One World Music Festival:

    Thank you for your time. I look forward to talking with you soon.


    Leonard Baniekona

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