Shin Min Ah vs Son Tae Young

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24 Responses

  1. jehan says:

    i like son tae young, she’s really beautiful but for me, shin min ah really rocked the dress better…

  2. marian says:

    shin min-ah looked better wearing the same dress. 😉

  3. eden says:

    shi min ah looks better but they both look gorgeous!

    edens last blog post..Sleepless Nights

  4. sollee says:

    There’s no doubt about it, shin min ah showed elegance and grace with that dress!^^

  5. Betchay says:

    ^^ netizens said that son tae young looked like an ajumma in those pictures…

  6. Tesha says:

    It’s Son Tae Young’s curls (ajumma hair ^^)

    Teshas last blog post..Eraserheads: The Reunion was worth it

  7. Betchay says:

    ^^ oo nga… in fairness, ang ganda niya sa mga new pictures niya ngayon

  8. ellen says:

    isn’t son tae young the bride to be of kwon sang woo? wasn’t she a miss korea?

  9. CyNurse says:

    Shin Min Ah looks charming as always. I don’t care much about Tae Young.

    CyNurses last blog post..Wonderful Life

  10. Shynar says:

    Shin Min Ah looks better

  11. Roxy says:

    0_0… Well, Son Tae Young for me!! It looks very good on her, she has nice curves!
    But in Min Ah’s case (no offense, she cool) it doesn’t flatter her at all!

  12. dyan says:

    oh shinminah is better.. i love her very much

  13. gee vang says:

    wow……son tae young, you look very pretty!

  14. gee vang says: my eye son tae young still the prettiest 🙂

  15. joana says:

    SHIN MIN-AH!!!!!! no doubt! so elegant and classic!

  16. josther says:

    ah….their both beautiful but shi min ah s still greater than so tae young.

  17. Jane says:

    so tae young has a very amazing back dress style… i like it its good on her…

  18. Avon says:

    for me shin min ah is the best…my gumiho….

  19. gaylep says:

    my vote is 4 shi min ah, she looks amazing on that dress, she’s reallllllllyyyyy reallllllly awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. blaizIken says:

    I Really Like Shin Min Ah ..
    I Like Her So Much . What a beautiful women is she .

  21. Laura says:

    I love Shin Min Ah. She’s gorgeous.

  22. geraldine says:

    shi min ah is better than son tae young

  23. cool hangot says:

    It’s Shin Min Ah… “nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu chuaaa… ” c”,)

  24. shin min ah is more beautyfull than son tae young.

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