Seo Tae Ji’s Guerilla Concert

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4 Responses

  1. AzureWolf says:

    Never heard of him, haha. Sucks you didn’t get to go to the concert, though. Weird to get the same gift from a friend’s insurance agent, haha. Are you going to sell one copy?

  2. keo says:

    Never heard of him either :S

  3. i love seotaiji!!!! I am just waiting for the next series of his concerts to start and I am off to Korea!! I traveled there for ETP fest the festival before the most recent ones and was devistated because it was canceled….but I did have a great time in Korea seeing all the sexy korean boys 🙂

  4. herry says:

    i love seo ( search engine operation ) hehe just kiddin… i love seotaiju tooooooo go korean boy….

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