Seoul: 5th most expensive city

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  1. egai says:

    That’s why I don’t wanna live there. I’m visiting this weekend though. You know anyone watching the Pentaport tom?^^

  2. Emil says:

    In my opinion, most Koreans have a ‘status complex’ meaning they will not touch an imported item is it is not expensive. I read from a news report or blog a while back that Starbuck’s sales had actually gone down when they reduced their prices, meaning that most Koreans will not touch an imported product if its priced similarly to a local product.

    In comparison with Filipinos who also love buying imported stuff, we at least don’t see the price as the only factor, most Filipinos still have the brains to compare and check out value for money.

    ** my opinions do not generalize all Koreans but are reflective of the opinions of most of my close Korean friends.

  3. Elliot says:

    That’s why I’m not going there without a full scholarship! My parents would die as paupers! ahahaha. anyhow, here’s your prize for being the Atomic Bomber of the month. ^^; Please inform me when you’ve already downloaded this.delete ko na ung file. ^^;

  4. AzureWolf says:

    What’s sadder is that the price doesn’t phase me, lol. Everything is getting ridiculously expensive, but at least Seoul is going down in rank even if its prices are going up, lol.

  5. eden says:

    Hmm… Anu ba yan, gusto ko pa naman pumunta sa Seoul. LOL Ate, if I go to Korea, mga magkano kailngan ko in US $? (Yung kasama na po yung place to stay in, plus food, plus a tour guide? Hehe

    edens last blog post..Cam-addict: Bedroom and New Haircut

  6. Tesha says:

    Wah! I tend to gravitate toward expensive places to visit. I want to go to Tokyo next year and practice “Osokunatte sumimasen.” But first I have to rack up enough mileage and work my a** off.

    Teshas last blog post..ESTD: Tamagotchi Baby

  7. Mayet says:

    hi,pang 7th naman ang Genève, super mahal din ang rent dito. by the way, please vote for Karen at the cutie child contest you can check her pics sa site ko, maraming salamat.

    Mayets last blog post..Wednesday To Do List

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