Visit to the doctor’s clinic

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  1. algol says:

    root canal is covered?
    wow, now I know
    gotta have one done, aray!

    algols last blog post..Treasure Trove

    • Betchay says:

      yup, root canal and wisdom tooth surgeries are covered… it’s the crown that you have to pay for (mine’s 250K)… talking from experience

  2. Tesha says:

    How’s Seonggyu now? I hope the little prince is a whole lot better.

    Teshas last blog post..ESTD: Tikman

  3. algol says:

    gold crown?

    algols last blog post..Treasure Trove

  4. AzureWolf says:

    Ha, usually they give you more than you need over here, the average being 10 days. I am surprised it is different there.

    Also, most doctors try to insist on a full checkup, to make sure there is no other, underlying problem. Maybe it is different for little kids.

  5. Sharley says:

    Wow, this is great. Hope your kiddo is ok..

  6. Wow, a fix for Hyperhidrosis is covered over there? Looks like I have a backup option if I can’t get good and affordable health insurance here in the US.

  7. jie jie says:

    holy moly, that’s cheap! with insurance, our copay for the primary doctor is $25. medicines are complicated, might be $400+ but copay is $10.. or $50 and copay is $45. you can’t get sick in the US. if you get cancer and your an average guy, your medical bills will plunge you into debt. if you’re old, the likelihood to get cancer is greater, therefore, you must be prepared for your bills to drain their retirement fund. our cancer patients worry what would happen when they’ve exhausted their insurance. treatments we give, we see those patients every 2-3 weeks for at least 6 courses.. if that runs into a year, it’ll cost approximately $1M. That only covers inpatient cases, not all the costs of travel, parking, food and hotels that patient and their families have to pay for when they come to us. And that’s not the end of it… there’ll be more, esp with remission cases. and we’re state hospital, not only funded by the state but millions in grants as well as donations. health care system is screwed up somewhere. not everyone can enjoy the advancement of medical science.

  8. midmi says:

    hmmm.. i like the health care system there.. are there filipino nurses there? hehe ^;^

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