Lee Hyo Ri, copycat?

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  1. Eden says:

    Ang dami naman po palang pinagkapareho panong hindi mapapansin.

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  2. AzureWolf says:

    I couldn’t even tell these were side-by-side comparisons before reading what it was, lol. It looks too similar to be anything but an intentional rip-off.

  3. paka says:

    lee hyo-ri has always copied western singers. there are photos of her imitating jennifer lopez’s hairstyle and fashion as well as britney spears. anyway, it’d be nice to see something original.

  4. Betchay says:

    it’s a good thing Lee Hyo Ri is really hot… and i’m a girl!

  5. paka says:

    she is hot. but unfortunately, her music gets worse and worse on each album. her latest release is no exception. sorry.

  6. ~hyorish says:

    actually, the 2nd pic, what seems like a bar, on hyori’s mv, that is a parody of a burger king commercial, instead of the logo of burger king, you can see in the mv it is “u-go-girl” in all caps. the 1st pic, didn’t appear on the mv but it appeared on the teaser video.

  7. Paul says:

    while i realize that a lot of korean artists copy western artists, i don’t think this one is as bad as everyone is making it out to be. in the music video, isn’t the “nerdy” version of hyori watching T.V. and pretending she’s in the various music videos that she sees?

  8. roxy says:

    despite lee hyori’s copying of western artists, i like her. and even if she stuts her sexiness, she doesn’t end up so slutty. her music is even danceable than some of western pop songs as well as other korean pop songs.

    i can still remember “get ya” copied “do something” of britney spears. hmmmm…. i’d rather choose the former. it’s darn danceable than britney spears. and hyori’s career is even skyrocking than ms.spears’….

  9. Justin says:

    Not a big fan of either, but wow those look very similar. People need to be more original.

  10. kibi says:

    eh , it’s not like she copied them , it’s her stylists ==” plus, there arn’t THAT many hairstyle you could possibly do.

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