Miss Korea Lee Ji Sun’s interview

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3 Responses

  1. AzureWolf says:

    It’s been my experience that Koreans tend to have killer English skills. What a surprise, but I don’t see why English skills should matter in this competition.

  2. jan says:

    ummm… is it just me or does she really resemble former Ms. Korea (미) turned actress Lee Seung Yeon? (이승연)

    jans last blog post..zzzzzz~ habits

  3. Betchay says:

    @jan >> yup, at the video above she looks like Lee Seung Yeon…

    @AzureWolf >> i don’t think English skills is that important in Miss Universe competitions since they are allowed to have interpreters… the video above was posted in Daum and the korean netizens are curious with her English skills…

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