Miss Universe 2008 National Costume

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8 Responses

  1. Roy says:

    i have voted and followed your lead…

    posted this on my blog too 😉

    Roys last blog post..Let’s Help Miss Philippines win the National Costume!

  2. AzureWolf says:

    I can’t tell whether you like the costumes or you hate them, lol. Your comments about both are funny, though.

  3. Betchay says:

    @Roy >> i added you to the link

    @AzureWolf >> i really don’t care that much anymore about beauty pageants… but i enjoy seeing the national costumes

  4. marc♥page says:

    hei ang ganda naman wahahahaa

  5. angelika says:

    ‘take care alway pray’

  6. corey says:

    costumes are pretty amusing!

  7. Palm says:

    Why the cheesy clothing, we will never know. Fun event anyhow.

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