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  1. haydee says:

    we have something similar but its a website called mypoints. they will send emails that you can just click and open (they don’t spam, they send like 5 emails in a day) and get 5points. If you buy stuff online through them they will give you points per dollar you spend. So far I’ve gotten a $50 gift card from Home Depot through the points I got just by clicking on their links.

    its really a good deal

    haydees last blog post..summer break

  2. AzureWolf says:

    Yeah, this is smart. Sometimes I use a credit card on something I was going to pay cash for because of these types of bonuses!

  3. Nhemskie says:

    I like collecting OK cashbag points too! they say it’s a must for ajummas…LOL!

  4. Betchay says:

    @haydee >> thanks for that info… i’m gonna tell my mom about it

    @AzureWolf >> i also prefer to use the credit card for the same reason

    @Nhemskie >> we are so ajumma-like ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  5. Christian says:

    Is there expiry date for us to change the OK coupon? I love to eat Korean Noodle, but never observer whether it has the OK logo on it.

    Will definitely take a look next time when i purchase a korean product. Thank you for the wonderful info..

  6. corey says:

    Ive used mypoints but never heard of this. Ill keep my eyes open.

  7. General Chat says:

    Interesting one.
    Thanks. Keep up the good blogging!

  8. Dragan says:


    I was today in E-Mart in Yongsan. Unfortunately, I don’t speak Korean, so I did not understand why I couldn’t get the SHinsegae Points card issued to me. The lady was pointing to some box for a number to be written in on the top of the application form… I am not sure what I was supposed to show…

    Can you tell me what ID I need for the card? I have Korean driver’s license, plus a number of the US IDs…



  9. Kelly Allen says:

    Is that site is not spam as haydee post on his comment i m surprised from that info

    Thanks for the great info
    Can you tell me that is these points are expired or not?

  10. Yeah no one will take that big risk I assume.

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  11. Ale says:

    hello..i went today to a starbucks at omogkyo..but i wasnt able to use that card there..i mean to get points..i didn´t understand what did the lady say to me..you know what happened?..or i can use only the points at the starbucks..but not accumulate them from there?

  1. March 8, 2014

    […] years ago, I posted about collecting proof of purchase to exchange them with points. I did it with OK Cashbag. I can use the points as discounts for a movie ticket or online […]

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