Suicide: a B-boy group member

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  1. Elliot says:

    Ooh..It would take more than a no internet connection before I kill myself.

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  2. joanjoyce says:

    nako bkit ba tlaga ganyan jan mdaming suicide e maayos naman ang mga buhay buhay, dito sa pinas e kahit hirap e konti lang ang ganyan at karamihan sa rason naman e pag ibig.

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  3. cher says:

    I guess Koreans who commit suicide can’t really handle all the stress of life in Korea. There are more people from the Philippines who are so poor that they don’t even have food to eat or a shelter for their families but we rarely see Filipinos commit suicide. Filipinos have the ability to smile even during the most tragic time in their lives.

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  4. ace says:

    joanjoyces: dahil sa pag-ibig? talaga? awww!

    another case of suicide? it’s really hard for people from OECD countries to keep up with the current trend in ending their problems. competition really adds to the pressure. i hope it won’t happen to our country.

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  5. eden says:

    Ate was it televised in Korean news? Do you know where can we possibly watch it?

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  6. Betchay says:

    @eden >> the video was uploaded on the internet but the police immediately suppressed its leakage

    @cher >> i guess it’s because we’re used to hardships… compared to us, koreans are pampered and that’s probably why they have a hard time coping up with difficulties

    @ace >> it has been said that he killed himself due to stress… work-related stress

    @joyce >> naisip ko rin yan… pero dito kasi hindi sanay sa hirap ang mga bata

    @Elliot >> LOL!

  7. Emil says:

    Filipinos are very resilient people, we don’t have to go far, even here in Korea I bet there are a lot of our countrymen and women who are getting the short end of the stick and yet still can smile and probably say ‘bahala na’.

    I don’t think it has anything to do with being a rich or pampered country, when I was working in India I often heard reports of farmers committing suicide because their crops have been wiped out by a typhoon.

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  8. Pancho says:

    If there’s one thing alarming about the situation in Korea is that these Korean celebrities are gaining quite a huge following in the Philippines due to the emergence of the so-called Koreanovelas in our mainstream media. And most of the themes are about love stories which comprises a significant ratio of people who take their own lives in our own country. What I fear is that a lof of our countrymen who are fanatics might identify themselves with the characters performed by these Korean actors/actresses and as an extension emulate their cultural behavior both on and off screen, negative or otherwise, which poses a risk to our countrymen’s normally happy go lucky disposition when confronted with life’s inherent difficulties. And given the current global crisis we’re all facing and Korea being one of the worst hit in our region, the risk is all the more magnified that this “trend” might even escalate especially if conditions get even worse than they are now.

  9. flor maraon says:

    It’s very,very sad korean celebrities committing suicide….it only shows that their fame and money did not make them happy….happiness comes from within….and i think being spiritual in the true sense of the word is a big factor for not committing suicide…if only all people will belive that there is a God whom they can talk to and share their burden and are aware that doing it is a big sin….i heared that most koreans don’t believe in God, therefore,it is easy for them to take their life…. i wish they start pondering and acknowledge God’s influence in our lives…

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