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  1. eden says:

    I’ve seen a documentary about North Koreans before but it’s still not clear to me why a lot of families there preferred to stay in NK rather than becoming independent like the South Koreans.

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  2. Betchay says:

    ^^ because it’s not easy to defect from the North… if they were in china, they could escape through the embassies… but that’s still difficult

  3. AzureWolf says:

    Believe me, there are so many reasons – as Betchay mentioned – that keep a person from staying away from a home country even if it is bad…

    I am sad to hear, after reading the wikipedia article about him, that this story is not more widespread. I think this is an important example for all countries – not just Korea. The laws in the US are so much like Russian roulette that the bad have no trouble staying while the good people who try to follow the law are punished…

    Are you for reunification, Betchay? I am for liberation and a change in the government of North Korea, but wouldn’t reunification be a huge economic insult to the boon South Korea is in? Wouldn’t its green turn red? Even if it is the 5th richest (or 14?) country, even it won’t be able to recover from a hit like that. It will be a great depression…

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