Pinoy “My Girl” (Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson)

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  1. gail says:

    i love the original and i’m enjoying the philippine remake of my girl. gerald seems too young for his role, but i find kim entertaining. 😀

  2. gidget says:

    I love Kim Chiu, she looks so cute in this drama. Although I’ve seen the original I’ll still watch it…and Lee Da Hae is still the best.

  3. Beena says:

    I agree. Gerald seems too young for the role of Gongchan. And yeah, no one beats Lee Da Hae and her antics ^^

    I’m not a fan of Korean drama remakes but I’ll see how they fare anyway.

    I heard that Regine Velasquez and Mark Anthony Fernandez will be taking the lead roles in the Kim Sam Soon remake. -_-

    Beenas last blog post..Short Hiatus

  4. Betchay says:

    i’ll try to see the original next week… i’m just not that interested anymore in korean romatic dramas kasi… i really prefer the historical ones…

  5. maricel says:

    i watched the first episodes…looks ok so far…

  6. JESSROCKED says:

    its actually not bad..

    BUT, there are certain things that the Philippines should consider..
    just looking at the quality of the camera used, i’d say it was cheap (AS USUAL)
    about the camera angles and/or style (cinematography), it was poor…

    they dont really spend much on anything, comes to think that they dont have faith on what they produce

  7. haydee says:

    I believe jasmine and julian were the same names used for the pinoy dubbed My Girl (Korean original version)

    I find it sad na ginagaya na lang nating mga pinoy ang mga foreign dramas.

  8. haydee says:

    and if they will start to remake everything it will be so annoying. on the other hand, Japan had a remake of Meteor Garden through Hana Yori Dango 1 and 2. The good thing is they waited for the Manga to finish and were able to remain true to the story unlike Meteor Garden 2

  9. sheda says:

    Ahhhh! I didn’t really like Kim Chui’s acting…and also, Gerald seems to young for the role..

    Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook all the way! Hahaha

    i’d say nothing beats the original! 🙂

  10. ellen says:

    me, too! i now prefer historical dramas and right now, my world stops when ‘king’s woman’ starts airing on arirang tv every 8:30pm. have you heard of this drama? it is the story of kwanghae who or his cohorts killed his elder brother and his younger legitimate brother in order to keep his throne and title. have you heard or seen this drama? re: my girl,(pinoy version),yes i do agree that kim chiu and gerald anderson look so young for their roles. lee da hae is taller, more beautiful and voluptuous than kim chiu who seem to be quite over acting to say the least. somebody said that we pinoys seem to be losing our creativty and originality, imagine for lack of new ideas and materials they have resorted to making sharon cuneta movies, mexican telenovelas and now korean tv dramas. they’re now thinking of doing kim sam soon, fullhouse,rosalinda etc. etc.

  11. marian says:

    hello betchay! kumusta? this version of my girl has aired last week, at first, i found it funny and entertaining. kaso lang, medyo overacting si kim sa role niya. mas gusto ko pa din yung original. and GMA 7 is also airing soon the pinoy version of Kim Sam-soon, with Regine Velasquez as the lead role and Mark Anthony Fernandez as her leading actor.

  12. jehan says:

    i’ve already commented before about the leads of philippines’ my girl version of being so young and i got rants from die hard kapamilya fans, nyehehehe….

    ms. regine v. has natural sense of humor and is really comedic so i hope the mnikss remake will strike it high also…

  13. Betchay says:

    @jehan >> i’m neither a kapamilya nor a kapuso… but the people at the forum i moderate are so narrow-minded… for them i’m so biased daw… tinatawanan ko na lang!

    @marian >> active pa pala si mark anthony? i used to like him more than a decade ago…

    @ellen >> i searched for that drama… we don’t have SBS and Arirang on our channel listing… anyway, here’s the link

    @JESSROCKED >> i’m not an expert on the technical aspects of a movie/tv show but all our dramas look the same… like they were made a decade ago…

    @haydee >> i love love love Hana Yori Dango… one of my favorite dramas ever!

    @sheda >> honga, i think she’s too perky pero she looks better now than when i first saw her sa drama niya na mala-cinderella… not sure kasi isang episode lang naman nakita ko 🙂

  14. sum1 says:

    For a newbie, Kim is getting a lot of good offers. No doubt, Kim is pretty with a fresh personality. But let’s face it: She just looks the same in every angle I see her in. She’s no good in drama. I can’t possibly understand what she says (must be because she has the Chinese accent) and her crying scenes are not that convincing. Sigh.

    Lee Da Hae of My Girl gave a GREAT PERFORMANCE. It was really superb that I felt happy when she was happy and I even felt sad for her when she was crying. I do not think Kim is capable of stirring the emotions of the viewers like the original can (no offense). With the acting skills she is showing now, it is VERY DOUBTFUL that she can pull off the acting versatility LDH showed.

    Gerald is more like a tag-along. If Kim plays the lead role, there should be no leading man other than Gerald Anderson. I find this disappointing. Gerald is even WORSE than Kim. And I’m being really kind already with that comment.

    I really hoped that ABS-CBN would get a better and more experienced actress for this venture. My Girl is a great KDRAMA and I don’t want it to be butchered. Toni Gonzaga would’ve been a MUCH BETTER choice but oh well. ABS-CBN is just counting on the KIMERALD tandem to work its magic. I just hope that it does not lose its charm.

    Best wishes to the Kapamilya station anyway…! CHEERS!

    (P.S.: It was GMA 7 network who first proposed a collaboration between Korean and remaking a drama. They were planning out since early-mid 2007 in case you did’n know.)

  15. AzureWolf says:

    I never finished watching My Girl. I never got into it much. It was ok…

    I’m a huge fan of remakes, because I love to see what other people’s vision and what today’s culture (or another’s culture) and technology can do, but I usually end up disappointed.

    As far as the comment-based romantic vs historical stuff goes, I think, it depends on where you are in life, hehe.

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  17. mike says:

    pinaka kilig nakakatawa

  18. Sarah says:

    I honestly don’t liek watching Filipino dramas. especially the remade ones. I’m expecting these TV stations to come up with something better. Not just recycle old ideas from different dramas and soaps from Latin America and Korea. I just think that they never learn. How often do we see plots like “I’m a poor girl, I don’t have anything, but I am the rightful owner of the Tierra Fuego possessions, except that I first have to take revenge and defeat the evil of most evil. ” or the lovey dovey “I love him, but he’s my enemy’s boyfriend, so we’re not meant to be” or the ever so annoying superheroes story of “Darna! Kapitan Boom! Mulawin!” which look so fake anyway. Hello? Talk about character and plot development, even diversity! Where are these factors.And what’s up with these network wars anyway? They just basically copy each other’s programs! We really still have a long way to go!
    – crazy girl
    – crazy girl

  19. Maire says:

    it’s sobrang gnda ng My Girl na kakakilig…luv the luvtim..Kimerald forevah..

  20. de2o9cutie says:

    my girl is da best!!
    its very popular
    here in california…
    my uncle who hates
    watching filipino
    channel (his white)
    he ended up watching
    My Girl.. and he know
    say “tira tira”… lol
    da best ever!!


  21. milet says:

    hay nako… gustong gusto ko ang mygirl pinoy version…
    kaya lang, my nightship school ako eh… kainis… 🙁
    pero pag may tym, inaabangan ko talaga… 🙂

  22. i love comedy
    good job kim and gerald
    more power on your career

  23. Betchay says:

    ^^ ang cute nga nina kim and gerald… para silang si antoinette at dingdong noon… LOL

  24. anne says:

    I like Kim and Gerald sa my girl.
    ang cute kasi ni Kim at ang gwapo ni gerald. hmmmm nakakabaliw talaga..
    I love watching ABS-CBN show lalo na ang my girl.. Hmmmmmm
    Hope na silang dalawa pang habang buhay,,
    Kim and Gerald
    Godbless and more power on your career.
    Love you always Kim and Gerald.. Mwaaaaaaaa

  25. anne says:

    ang cute kasi nga show ninyo ni kim at gerald
    love na love ko kayo..
    Godbless to your career..

  26. mary says:

    cute talaga ni kim chiu..
    i like u sa my girl.
    i always watch my girl jud cuz
    idol ko si kim at gerarl
    Godbless and more power to your career.

  27. mary says:

    my girl is da best!!
    its very popular
    i love and i like
    ms kim chiu and mr gerald anderson
    sa My Girl.. and he know
    say “tira tira”…
    da best ever!!

    i love my girl ” tira-tira.

  28. Girl says:

    Don’t think it’s sad that pinoy are making a re-make. Every country does it too. Be a positive human being instead and don’t compare.

  29. Ed says:

    I don’t understand people. They say my girl Korean version were better than pinoy version. I’d watch the Korean version and I got bored. No action and got no style. I end up sleeping early. Maybe you people need an eye check.You are right Kim Chiu are young, but she can act better than the Korean actors.I cry everytime she cry. I was laughing on the Korean version. No taste.

  30. jessrocked says:

    @ ED:
    you seriously have no taste in movies or shows…
    the korean version is 10x better than the philippine version…
    no action and got no style? i think u were referring to philippine shows.. im pretty sure korea uses better camera, better cinematography, better sceneries and better plot..
    you are just probably saying these things because of Kim
    Kim is a good actress apparently, but the show people around her doesnt make use of her talent that much..

    im saying, the show LACKS EMOTION/FEELINGS

  31. JASMIN says:


  32. JASMIN says:


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  34. lynm says:

    actually I saw the original version of my girl.. and I would have to say the filipino remake of this drama was okay.. not that good. I saw some parts of the tagalog version and I thought the actress was OA..some of the scenes looked fake and her acting wasn’t that good either. I’m just merely expressing my opinion and sorry to those who are kimgerald fans. I saw another korean drama called my name is kim samsoon and the tagalog version.. if I had to watch the tagalog remake of these two dramas. I would pick ako si sam soon.

  35. nicole says:

    my daughter and i are avid fans of my girl we especially like kimerald combination, would just like to ask if you are by any chance selling the birthday gifts juliaN buys for jasmin whenever it rains so that we could keep it as souvenirs after the show has already ended?

  36. jhunzs says:

    lets make the day brighter and more memorable God bless.more power

  37. luke_john says:

    This not beat the popularity of the original version.
    They should stop doing this remakes.

  38. paula says:

    hello there guys!out 🙂

  39. kyaaa says:

    well should i say na .. sana ndi nmn natin i down maxado ung remake ng phil. ung nasa point n na sasabihin mng ayy anu b yan reamake na naman sigurado flop yn ! or ampanget magremake ng phil. !.. it was really disgusting to read and to hear as well.. if u don’t like the drama then at least give a lil respect on it . What i mean is don’t watch it if u don’t like so easy ,. maybe they’re just trying to made it in our version . Sila nmn ang gmagastos eh kea dapat naisip n nla yn bago p nla gnwa na flop lng din pla ang kalalabsan pinagkagastusan

    well., kanya kanyang trip lng nmn yn eh wla ng basagan haha

  40. haifa hasan madjid says:

    ang gadani kim sa my gril nakakabal yu ang my gril

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