Nami Island – the 4th time around!

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  1. peterahon says:

    oh – “Arts from Mindanao” is an exhibit by my good friend Ros Zerrudo together with Waway Saway and Balugto of Talaading Tribe. They were invited to perform at Nami Island and put up exhibit, and conduct art workshops for children at Nami island. Ros mentioned that she is designing room/s at Nami’s accommodation that will have her name for her signature art. Haven’t been to the place though and I missed there performance.

    peterahons last blog post..4YOBlog – How old is your blog?

  2. Emil says:

    3,700 won. (Taxi in Korea is cheap!)

    Compared to Japan or the U.S. maybe :-). But seriously Nami Is. looks like a nice place to visit, I will make sure to add it to my places to visit in Korea list.

    Emils last blog post..Irresponsible driver…

  3. Tesha says:

    At least we had 8 minutes to run after the train to Gapyeong. Angela and I had 3 minutes to run after the KTX to Busan. Whew! πŸ™‚

    We definitely enjoyed Namiseom! The view, the book and art exhibits, the food… I still regret not asking the guy for his name though haha! I just had to re-watch Winter Sonata as soon as I got home to refresh my memory on which scenes were shot on which spot.

    Blame it on your being the best tour guide to Seoul, Angela and I are yet to adjust to the way things were before our trip to Korea. I’m already planning my return trip in autumn (just don’t know the year hehehe).

  4. Tesha says:

    catch the train, I mean hehe

  5. nina says:

    This looks like a nice island to visit πŸ™‚ Thank you for visiting!

    ninas last blog post..LP – Tubig

  6. Betchay says:

    @peterahon >> oh it’s a nice exhibit… it’s nice to see something from the philippines here

    @Emil >> taxi in angeles city is a lot more expensive than in seoul…

    @Tesha >> sobra ka! thanks for your kind words… you and angela naman are wonderful companions… game na game!

    @ nina >> it’s a nice place

  7. Angela says:

    Our sprint for the train was just torture!! All those flights of stairs!!!

    I loved Nami Island!!! That was when Song Gyu really warmed up to us!! And the cute oppa!!!!

    I told all my friends about the places you took us and now they want to go to Korea also. I think we are aiming for Oct 2009. Tess is right, you showed us the best spots in Seoul and now, 3 weeks later, I still haven’t adjusted.

    My Korean friend took me to San Jose where there is a large population of Koreans and we had all you can eat kalbi. I’m so happy to report that there is a Face Shop store here!!

  8. Betchay says:

    ^^ sayang we weren’t able to go to the Full House location… my husband offered to accompany us on your last weekend but i told him you’re in Busan… so we just went to Everland… my son misses you and Tesha… seriously!

  9. jehan says:

    i think my mom would prefer this over jeju island… grabe ilang ulit na yata nya napanood ang winter sonata– kung ilang beses man ni-rerun ng gma.. and still, she requested i buy the dvd… and i did.. at sa gulat ko, the dvd was tagalog-dubbed (pirated ba…hehe…)

    i still see her watch her favorite scenes or episodes.. if susunod sya sakin sa korea someday (as my bf planned), i’d definitely bring her in this island first…

  10. AzureWolf says:

    Wow, I gotta say, Betchay would probably make killer cash if she charged for her touring services!

    Ahhh, this is not helping! Pinoys seem so cool and there are so many great places in Korea (hour and a half? That island sounds like it is pretty far, and you’ve gone at least four times!).

    It sounds like a lot of great fun to be had. Imagine if we got all the bloggers and commenters to bother/visit you and your cute son!

    I enjoyed the captions, haha! I hope you enjoyed your workout. =P

  11. Irene says:

    Wow! your photos are beautiful, I just came back from Korea but our tour did not include Nami Island, bet have to go again next time , have been to Korea for twice but our tour always never include this beautiful island but anyway I love Jeju, my favourite.

    Nice photos

    Irene πŸ™‚

  12. nene says:

    we went to nami is. last april & oh boy did we enjoy that island so much! it’s a must see for tourists i’m sure about this. our trip includes evthing from Topgol Park where we catch the bus, plus the entrance & ferry was only 23,000 won you can’t beat that! It’s worth every penny i must say. The Winter Sonata location made me feel like watching this drama again!

  13. freeze says:

    would you know any tour operator that will bring us here? most i’ve found costs 90,000 won

    • Betchay says:

      hi freeze! you can do it on your own… trust me it’s not that difficult… you could also just take the shuttle bus in Seoul but taking the train is an experience in itself ;p

  14. tsoknat says:

    will it be okay if we go there by february? i heard kasi na its winter season pa din pag mga ganung month. hindi ko naman alam. tsk. mas gusto ko sana autumn para makulay ang kapaligiran. baka puro snow lang makita namin. 😐

  15. Julas says:

    Ms Betchay oo nga po pala, pag ang alis namin eh March 09, 2012, mga ano pong date or week kami advisable mg apply ng visa? Two weeks before po ba is enough?

    • Betchay says:

      A month before is better. Two weeks before your departure date is also okay, but it’s always best to apply a little earlier.

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