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  1. Koreans still have a hard time accepting foreigners. My daughter has Korean boyfriend. The boyfriend’s mother told him if you will live in Korea marry a Korean if you live outside of Korea marry a foreigner.

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  2. AzureWolf says:

    How unacceptable. Dead or alive, the police should have been more active on the scene and case before it got this cold…

    I agree with you, though, because if the medical team had been more attentive and caring, he probably would have a better chance of being alive today. Of course, who knows if he would have lived even then.

    Lastly, are the workers at the sauna SO BUSY that they can’t wait 45 seconds to see if him being face down in the water was a game or not?!

    Thanks for giving the heads up about this, Betchay.

  3. paka says:

    caucasian expats will always have that solidarity simple because of how they are grouped as one here in korea. in addition, there is a sort of “bond.” unfortunately, other expats don’t.

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