May 14: Rose Day

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5 Responses

  1. manilenya says:

    If rosis a natural acne treatment, I need that then lol!

    manilenyas last blog post..Stop Insanity!

  2. AzureWolf says:

    Does this apply to both men and women? Or only guys have to give to women?

    Hope you had a happy Rose Day!

  3. Acnezine says:

    I bought a rose for a very special girl that day, and I gave it to her anonymously. I can tell you that these roses are worth their price (and I’m not a flower-seller 🙂 ).

    Happy “belated” Rose day everyone 🙂

    Acnezines last blog post..Skin types

  4. Melishka says:

    thank you. When you feel beautiful, you are happy and relaxed. Your good mood improves your blood circulation and perks up your physique.

    Melishkas last blog post..Making Finding Your Kid’s Next Hairstyle Easy

  5. art says:

    so in korea every 14th of the month is a celebration! i think that is brilliant. you can never have too many holidays.

    arts last blog post..Rosie Holmes

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