The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince

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  1. ceblogger says:

    I was able to follow that movie here in the Philippines. It was a bit dragging towards the end. But it’s fun to watch.

  2. Hyung Lee says:


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  3. joanjoyce says:

    you know sis it is the second time that coffee prince is running on Philippine TV, sa sobrang ganda ng koreanobela na yan e after the success on primetime slot e inulit sa hapon at sempre pinapanood ko pa din.. love the character andy kasi played by yoon eun hye.

  4. Pinay Jade says:

    Wow that coffee looks good! I have seen this telenovela when I was on vacation in th Ph. Ganda kaso di ko na nasubaybayan …I’ll ask my mom to get me a dvd siguro he he he.

  5. maricel says:

    Oh I just loved the drama…and you got to go see one of the locations. that’s awesome!

  6. haydee says:

    wow that place is cool! I haven’t seen coffee prince but I breezed through some eps while downloading it. I would love to go to that place

  7. AzureWolf says:

    Oh, what a nice area! I do not like going to overpriced coffee shops like Starbucks myself because the quality is not worth $2! I can get the same thing for less than one dollar!

    But, just like you did with this place, I go to Starbucks for the atmosphere and ambiance. I want to go there some day!

  8. Sherwin says:

    how i wish i can go there soon..

  9. Tesha says:

    @sherwin: keep visualizing going to Korea in your mind and it will soon come true. My cousin Angela and I spent two years dreaming, saving, and planning about it, and we just had the best two weeks in Seoul and Busan. Amazing place and so many wonderful people.

  10. Betchay says:

    i haven’t seen the drama but it was fun going there… lalo na with Tesha and her cousin Angela… my son misses u guys!

    @AzureWolf >> Starbucks is cheaper in the US and Japan. I wonder why it’s so expensive in Korea. I don’t go there unless I were invited.

  11. Tesha says:

    Angela and I miss Song gyu a lot! I click on our Myeongdong UTour picture everyday at work πŸ™‚

    Re: Starbucks coffee, it is indeed expensive, and in fact I still feel guilty when I spend a substantive amount for coffee. But I really like their Arabian mocha beans and the atmosphere of the place. My friend Laya and I call Starbucks Sykes in Quezon City our happy place.

  12. con says:

    woah! i’d like to go there too
    i love to drink coffee.. but i think their pricelist isn’t that affordable >_<

    its more expensive than starbucks

    i could avail it if i am that oppulent, but i’m not hehe

  13. iya says:

    omo, i went here too! on my last day in seoul i woke my friend up and told her, “hey, you know that coffee prince place christine went to the other day? well…wanna go?” even though, i was against the idea before. (prior to my signing up for the exchange program i had no interest in koreanovelas. i do now! hehe. it keeps me connected with seoul.)

    i agree with the insane prices. i think we paid around 7000 krw for hot chocolate. and the picture-taking embarrassed us because we were attempting not to look like tourists! (haha, pasimple, right?) there was this long-haired guy who noticed us anyway and beckoned us to take pictures since we “looked like we wanted to”. needless to say, it was the fastest i’ve ever taken pictures! haha. i did like the shop though, with all the random drawings and things. it was just really hard to get to! we got lost and had to ask a kind ajumma if she knew where it was. she just told us to follow a bus carrying a bunch of japanese ajummas who were SURELY going to the set. πŸ™‚

  14. JJ says:

    Hahaha @ 7,000 Won for coffee. What is that, around 6 to 8 dollars American? Yup. That sounds about right in relation to Starbucks. I shell out around 7 dollars for a large.

  15. Carinne (from L.A.) says:

    Starbucks (Korea) drinks are more expensive than here, and I’m still curious if Coffee Bean (Korea) is as same? I was on a time constraint and wasn’t able to visit one while traveling through Seoul. Can anyone over there tell me the price for a cup of Coffee Bean coffee? hehe.

  16. gelo says:

    Every time some thing would remind me of coffee prince…i still feel sad about lee eon’s death…

  17. drsnowmon says:

    Actually 7000won sounds about right since last time I was in Seoul regular mocha was $5.75 in 2005

  18. Angie says:

    Hi, I tried you go visit the Coffee Prince coffee shop last summer when I visited Korea but I was never able to find it.

    Could you give me directions?

    Thank you so much!!

  19. deannadsc says:

    WOW!!! Coffee Prince shop would surely be 1st in our agenda!!! This drama turned my life around..especially after falling for Gong Yoo…& turned me into a KDrama Addict!!! I don’t mind paying that much, cuz it’ll surely make my dream( of setting foot in CP location) come true!!! Wonder how much that CP shirt costs?
    thanks for the pix…just got me all excited!!! can’t wait for July & our seoul trip of a lifetime!!!

  20. Howard (Houston, Texas) says:

    Thanks for the pictures and map (on your other blog entry). I found Coffee Prince on Hulu a couple of weeks ago and really liked it. So nice to see pictures of the location.

  21. Ash says:

    I really feel like watching this drama.. ca anyone tel me where can i watch online..

  22. suppledexplorer says:

    speaking of Coffee…I had the most expensive coffee in my life worth 4200 won in Korea. Im not sure if its Coffebean something…. but its located somewhere in Insadong.With my Malaysian friend I ordered for hot mocha…but after less than a minute it turns into cold mocha hahahha.Anyway its winter season that time.

  23. tricia says:

    Do you have directions on how to go here? =)

  24. Eva says:

    Hi, I’m going to SK soon. Just wondering if you can send me some info where the cafe’s located and how to get there. I really would love to go there since Yoon-eun Hye is one of my fav. Korean actresses and The coffee prince is one of my fav.KDrama. Thank you sooooooo much. πŸ˜€

  25. angela says:

    Ate Betchay, I’m an avid fan of coffee shops. My ultimate favorite is Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf :)) Would it be ok for you to make a coffee tour blog of the ones you’ve visited in Korea? I saw one blog and was mesmerized by all the shops. It was so cute!

    • Betchay says:

      Hi angela! I’ve been planning that since I saw last week that new coffee shops have opened in our neighborhood. As in ang dami na rito!

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