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6 Responses

  1. Etavasi says:

    wow korea looks nice.. nice place

  2. isel says:

    Those pictures look great. What’s in a bulgabi burger?

  3. AzureWolf says:

    Is the place any good? Do you prefer it to McDonalds?

  4. Beena says:

    Oh! I’ve heard of this from my friends in Korea and I’ve been dreaming of eating there one day! Waaaa this makes me cry T T and inspires me at the same time ^^

  5. Tesha says:

    I love Lotteria food already! Youn Ho and Seung hyun also took us to Lotteria when we went to Songnam. I think it is nice that people who eat there clear their table and segregate trash.

  6. Mariel says:

    your blog brings me back to my visit in Korea 🙂 my ‘oma’ (as i call the mom of the korean family i stayed with) bought me a burger for breakfast. i loved it! i don’t usually eat burgers but this one i loved 🙂

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