Inwangsan Marathon

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  1. AzureWolf says:

    lol, clever little incentive! But you should have faith, no matter how ridiculous and impossible it is! =P

    I have never been in a marathon, let alone one uphill! Goodluck to him and you and your son next year!

  2. Betchay says:

    thank you! i asked him last night how excited he is… i think i’m more excited than him…

  3. Elliot says:

    Haha. Even if he makes it first a good hug and kiss after an 18K hike is worth a Rolex Daytona. Or am I overstating things? ^^;

    And yeah Ms. Betch, if you find my blog contents appreciable please do fave me in technorati. ^^; Thanks.

  4. gidget says:

    Is this the same marathon that Jang Dong Gun promoted with KTH, the pink ribbon marathon? Did you meet our idol ? Lucky girl !

  5. Betchay says:

    @gidget>> nope it’s not the same marathon… i think that one was for the breast cancer org in korea and it was held in Busan, about 5 hours south of seoul

  6. Rolex says:

    If I was your husband I would probably nearly kill myself to win the race for that watch. Of course I have a small fascination with watches and have always dreamed of owning a Rolex…. of course if you have a real Rolex on your wrist you have a higher chance of getting mugged on the streets….

    Okay, I don’t want a Rolex anymore…. but it was nice of you to offer one to him.

  7. jean says:


    I just read this article and I am quite interest about “Inwangsan” race as I am living close to. May you indicate me how to register for next time (website) ? At the end what was the position and time of your husdband
    Thanks in advance


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