FAQ: Invitation letter

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  1. Emil says:

    I can understand the need for an invitation letter if you are coming here as a tourist but what I don’t get is trying to get dependents to come over, what’s up with requiring them to submit an invitation. Like you said in your other post getting into the R.O.K is more difficult than getting into other western countries.

  2. Betchay says:

    ^^ tell me about the required re-entry permit for F-2-1 visa holders (korean wives)!

  3. hanna quey domenica says:

    hey!betch,I just dropped here in your blogs and read a lot of interesting stories and sites.One day i will come and visit you in korea.Mmmm…I missed our groups in korea.Okay, so long amiga.Buona giornatta!!ciao!!ciao!!a kiss

  4. Jouls says:

    Hi, I met this Korean guy and he is planning to invite me to visit Korea. Now my question is, eventhough I have this invitation letter, do they still need the other requirements you mention to your other blogs like ITR, bank account saving etc?

    I am just concern because I already send my copy of passport and other IDs in Korea to process my visa.

    Thanks, hope you can help me..

  5. Betchay says:

    @Jouls >> yup, you still need all the other requirements… an invitation letter is just an optional requirement

    @ hanna quey >> hey we miss you… hope to see you soon here

  6. Viviene says:

    this is really helpful. thank you. my student is planning to invite me to korea. im excited yet anxious whether im gonna get the visa or not. pls pray that i get one. really wanna visit korea! btw, what are my chances of getting a visa? what would make one get a visa and the others denied?

    • pstr mark says:

      i stumbled on this site just now,while trying to get some informations,but i dont know you particularly strike me….i believe i need to know you…i see you are follower of christ,teacher and blogger….
      At his feet

  7. Betchay says:

    ^^ hi! i hope you could get one. your chances really depend on your current status. it’s just like applying for a US visa, you’ll have to prove that you have a stable job and that you’re not gonna overstay when you come here.

  8. Martina's Mom says:

    Hi Betchay! Thanks so much for all the helpful tips and info you provided me.

    God bless you!

  9. KT1314 says:

    betchay, i’m working here in korea with E-7 multiple entry visa.

    regarding dependent visa application, which is easier

    1. I will apply here for a dependent visa, or
    2. Get tourist visa in Philippines (for my wife & son), and upgrade it later to F-3 visa when they are already in Korea


    • Bhea says:

      like you said get tourist visa in the phils. for your family right..

      im a male F-2-1 holder and my wife is a korean
      my Q. is what about i’de like to invite my parents here in korea do they still need a invitation letter?????

      guys need help here

  10. Betchay says:

    ^^ sent you an email 🙂

  11. KT1314 says:

    ^^ sent you an email

    is this a reply to my querry?

  12. KT1314 says:


  13. KT1314 says:

    Sorry, just checked my email.

    Anyway thanks for the reply.

  14. Bhea says:

    im a male F-2-1 holder and my wife is a korean
    my Q. is what about i’de like to invite my parents here in korea do they still need a invitation letter?????

    guys need help here

    • Betchay says:

      are you a filipino married to a korean woman? rare…

      anyway, you just need to send your parents an invitation letter. the other documents will not be necessary, based on my experience. but it would still be best to ask the embassy.

  15. Lorna says:

    Hi! i am a pinay marriend to a korean, i want to invite my step-mom here in korea, will it be complicated since she is just my step-mom? my mother died when i was 8 and my father re-married 5 yrs. after my mom died. but she is just like a real mom to us.. what kind of visa she has to apply? tnx

  16. hartmie says:

    Hi Betchay. my boyfriend is a filipino and working for 12 years in south korea, now i have a plan to visit him, since it will be a suprise visit, therefore he cant send an invitation letter.. NOw, what are the requirements needed for me to visit him.

    Please, i really love him, hope you can help me. you can email me anytime.

  17. Iah says:

    hi Ms. Betchay, i just want to ask, pwede bang yung husband ko ang magpadala ng invitation letter kahit na OFW lang siya diyan sa Korea at hindi siya residente. please help. thanks a lot. God bless…

  18. midmi says:

    hello, just a question Ms. Betchay about the invitation letter, anu po ba yung mga importang points to indicate, like anu po yung content dapat ng invitation letter?

    Thank you so much po sa help, i’m a bit getting anxious na kase… thank you so much… im planning to visit korea before feb 2009 po and leave for korea mid october or late october tapos po come back here in the phils ng mga january…

    wosha! i need friends to help me out..thank you so much ^_^

  19. Sheree says:

    hi, i would like to ask if a representative of the invitor can have the cho-cheong-jang notarized? or ung mismong invitor ung magpapanotarize non? thank you very much

  20. Betchay says:

    ^^ i honestly don’t know… when the invitor gets it from the law offices, it’s already “notarized”

  21. Sheree says:

    oic, kz ung invitor ko is very busy, he wanted his representative to get a copy from the law office,sign it and bring it back to the law office to be notarized..would it be possible? thanks

  22. alusine bahr says:

    hi my name is alusin am in need of a letter of invitation to south Korea, pls can any one help me fill free to contect me on my email alusine_bahr2000@yahoo.com,

    thanks looking forward to here from you soon

  23. Lafin Oyo says:

    Hi, My Fiancee is planning to invite me to visit South Korea. Now my question is, eventhough I have this invitation letter,what are the other requirements that should be sent along with the invitation letter?

    Please send me all the detailed requirements to my email(nikki.n.frankie@windowslive.com)your prompt response would be appreciated.

    Thanks, hope you can help me..

  24. Betchay says:

    ^^ sorry, i’m too lazy to send you an email… but you can check this link…


  25. Drg says:

    I wanted to invite someone from Philippines here in Korea. I am here on a D-9 visa. I have all legal documents for working here, alien card.. all necessary. When I called the Korea Embassy from Manila they said there is no way a philippino can get tourist visa.Even with invitation letter it is impossible for them. they have to be married or need working visa. I dont understand this bullshit. This is total crap. Btw.. this thing took place on 10 january 2009. Maybe in the future they will change their mind and be more gentle with the countries around them. If someone really get tourist visa tell me how he / she proceded.

  26. marizel says:

    hi pwede po ba malaman kung papano pagpasok sa korea ng mai invitation letter mula po sa boyfriend na koreano?at pwede din po malaman kung ano anu ang requitments?salamat po

  27. ELIJAH OTAH says:

    Please I need an invitation letter to visit Korea on a short term basis.

  28. Igho Mode says:

    Please I need an invitation letter and hotel reservation to visit south Korea.Please can somebody help. I will pay for service render.Then contact direct.Wimson@usa.com

  29. john says:

    my girl friend is in philipines and i want to get her a invitition letter for her what are steps on getting her down here i am so lost pls help

  30. ivy says:

    Hi where in seoul or daejon or jeonju can this invitation letter be secured? Any law offices that you can recommend? How much does it cost?

    Thank you!

    • Betchay says:

      Hi Ivy! Like in the post, you can go to any law office and ask for it. Only a Korean can make an invitation letter.

  31. eunsuh says:

    hi! i just wanna ask about my case…
    i have my own business, i have DTI and business permit from city hall that i renewed last january (so i paid the city tax that time) but i don’t have the ITR from BIR.
    would the business permits be enough or still no? do i still need to provide the ITR if i will apply for the visa??
    thanks in advance for the reply.. ^^

  32. DRG says:

    Hi everyone. The invitation letter is a very easy thing to get. I called the Korean Embassy in Manila and ask them and their reply was that I have to simply write it and get in to a public notary to legalize it. You have to mention there your full name, where you work, who you want to invite, your relation with the person you plan to invite, the period of staying, about expenses… and by the way, anyone can make it not only a korean. Hope my gf will recieve a tourist visa. Good luck to all also

  33. apple says:

    who should write the name of the invitee? the person who is inviting you to come over korea or the person in the seoul embassy? actually i already got mine but my name was written incorrectly! help

  34. Love says:

    hello! I’m planning to get a tourist visa.. the invitation letter should be notarized in Korea or can be here in the Philippines? Should it be written in Korean or in English?

  35. DRG says:

    The invitation letter must be notarized in korea not in philippnes. And better to be in korean and english also.

  36. DHESS says:

    I was planning to visit korea by sept 09, ask ko lang po pwde po bng kht ung pinsan ko ang mgbigay ng invitation letter skn ( he was only OFW there).
    And, if theres a chance n mkhanap k ng work opportunity dun pwde po b nila itransfer ung tourist visa to employnet?

  37. DHESS says:

    I was planning to visit korea by sept 09, ask ko lang po pwde po bng kht ung pinsan ko ang mgbigay ng invitation letter skn ( he was only OFW there).
    And, if theres a chance n mkhanap k ng work opportunity dun pwde po b nila itransfer ung tourist visa to employment?

  38. mura says:

    Please I need an invitation letter and hotel reservation to visit south Korea.Please can somebody help. I will pay for service render.Then contact


  39. yp says:

    hi ms. betchay, i went to the korean embassy this morning and the korean woman in the window 3 said that i have to get an invitation letter from the invitor which is my korean friend from jeonju city. i am a college student and no job and we have several family businesses so i can afford to go there and such.

    pls tell me more thru my e-mail. thanks very much.

  40. angel says:

    hi our korean friend is inviting us this coming feb–korean newyear holiday–2010–
    id like to ask if its possible for her parents to invite us, since our friend is just a student–but her parents are willing to invite us too–since we always accomodate their daughter whenever she comes here–and visit philippines yes we are actually two(2) planning to go there–we would just like to ask if thats possible for them to invite 2 persons at the same time–anyway its just less than a week–

    i would appreciate your response so much–

  41. camp.b says:

    hi maam bechay ^^
    im happy that i’ve found your blog ^^
    this is really a big help for me.
    my Korean friend is is inviting me to go to Korea next year , im preparing all the documents needed to get my Korean visa.
    Thanks for giving us a reliable information.
    Hope i can get my visa soon ~~^^
    Take care

  42. marie says:

    i just have question about visa my husband is currently base in korea and he sent me invitation letter he just sign it,not notarized is that acceptable?

  43. letlet says:

    is it possible that our boss will invite two people? and how we’ll receive it and how long ? thanks

  44. kristel says:

    hi po.. please pakisagot naman po ang tanong ko… my plano po kasi ako pumunta ng korea this december… and balak ko na po magapply ng visa… wala po akong work since january so hindi ako makakapagprovide ng ITR and employment certificate… ang meron lang po ako ay US visa… bank certificate.. passport (which i have just renewed).. i have a korean friend, na currently staying in korea…. tinanong ko siya tungkol sa invitation letter at ito ang sinabi niya…. hindi rin niya alam kung paano gawin ang invitation letter… please help… kung ito lang ang requirements na meron ako, would it be enough para magkaron ako ng visa?

    below yung reply ng korean friend ko regarding the invitation letter…
    i’ve inquired some offices about the letter of invitation thing..

    and it has to be sent from a company.. inviting you to attend a meeting or seminar or whatever company stuff….

    an individual can not give or issue an invitation letter..

    i asked the notary office and they told me that…

    if i have the letter then i can notarize it and send it to you.

    that’s all i could find about the letter.

    if you found any other way to get a letter of invitation, tell me..

    if it’s in korea, i’ll try to contact them..

    really really hope you could come~~

  45. ZAKI says:

    Dear friends

    To start my names are RASHID ZAKI am an Moroccon citizen i want to visit SOUTH KOREA i well knew that korean is visa free with morocco passport holders.Please i do need an entry letter of invitation please i will pay for that service.Please i dont know this as well and will not like to visit it again why because i got this link by mistake and will not recornise to locate this link again.Please do reply to me through my via private email address thanks and am looking forward to been hearing from you


  46. ZAKI says:

    Dear friends

    To start my names are RASHID ZAKI am an Moroccon citizen i want to visit SOUTH KOREA i well knew that korean is visa free with morocco passport holders.Please i do need an entry letter of invitation please i will pay for that service.Please i dont know this website as well and will not like to visit it again why because i got this link by mistake and will not recornise to locate this link again.Please do reply to me through my via private email address thanks and am looking forward to been hearing from you


  47. eve says:

    hello kristel. add mo ko s skype mo, chat tau. i will also go to Korea this month or December. receive k n invitation ng friend k.
    skype id: lttc_academy

  48. raffy says:

    tanung ko lang po, dati po akong entertainer sa korea, tapos after po ay nag change satus ako. Ang status ko po is naging f2-1 visa resident I was married to a korean. Then something happened, I got divorced so after that umuwi ako sa pinas… Now its almosta year im working here now, I plan to visit korea for a tour its just because namimiss ko na korea. And I have friends there to give me invitation. Anu po mabibigay nyong advice sa akin? Thanks po..

  49. yumi says:

    So negative.. It is infact easy to get a visa if you have a notarized invitation.
    I can sense your arrogance from your replies..really.
    By this time i guess you know tha koreans abhore that kind of “filipino mentality” that you have.
    You shouldve learned from our culture.

    • Betchay says:

      is that for me? i’ve been waiting for someone to call me arrogant… even though i don’t know you, thank you very much 😀

  50. yani says:

    Hi thre Ms Betchay

    Hope u cud help me on this: Where do my friend from Korea send the Notarized Invitation Letter for me: to Phil Embassy in Korea? Or does she have to send it to me then I hand it in to Korean Embassy here sa Pinas?

    wew. Im rly loaded with all documents & requirements jst to get tht tourist visa, hope u cn help me. thanks!!!

    • Betchay says:

      Hi yani! she has to send you the invitation letter and you’ll have to include it with your other documents when you go to the embassy to apply for the visa 🙂

      good luck!

  51. meloy says:

    hi po,2long nman po un husband q po ns korea (ofw)gus2 nya po mgksma kmi khit a month lng,ngp2long po sya s compny nila n mkpunta q dun meron nman dw po invitation letter pero hanga ngaun po dp naaprobahan pra mgkron aq visa mtgal po b process nun,ano p po b kailngan doc.please help me po…

  52. lex says:

    im pregnant now and i want to invite my sister here what papers are needed?

    • anthony R gopal says:

      i want visa invitation letter south korea,have some body can help me about that,i am ready to pay cost.

      • apple says:

        contrary to what few said that it is hard to get a tourist visa to south korea, i found it so easy. i was at the embassy at 7 am, i was first at the line. we got in at 8:45, submitted my documents, they gave me a claim stub. after 5 working days, i sent my secretary together with my id and authorization letter. thats it i was approved.

        requirements for tourist visa are- application form with id passport, itr, bank statement, certificate of employment, photocopy and original passport. an invitation letter is just optional and need not be notarized. if youre job and employer is stable and your bank account shows well then you need not an invitation letter.

        it wasnt hard at all they are not verifying bank and employer, why i said so? i ask our hr office if someone from the korean embassy called to verified my employment, they said no. I called my bank if they received a call for me from the embassy they also said no. i called a friend from korea and ask if someone from the embassy verified my association with him, he said none.

        🙂 i am not saying here that we can submit fake docs, what if they make verifications and your docs are fake, then it would be over for you. i was just surprised i got an approval that fast.

        and btw, a copy of your invitors passport must go together with the invitation letter, any form of letter will do as long as it states your submission to the immigration laws of the republic of korea. it must be stated there that your invitor guaratees and accepts relative responsibilities of your stay in korea, the purpose of your visit, your personal and contact details and the date of your visit.

        ill have my first visit in korea on feb 18, i have friends there, if you want i could help you with it

        • jhamie says:

          hi there, with regards to the bank certificate, do they have a minimum monetary requirement of how much you have on your certificte?

          • apple says:

            in my case i have 5k usd on my account for an 8 day visit. so i guess, amount varies depending on how long will you be staying in korea. If you would stay there for only three days and youll be staying at a friend’s house then i think 30 or 50kphp would be enough. what matters most is your job here and that your invitors would accept responsibilities of your stay, then you do not need huge money in your account.

            its just easy to get a visa as long as you submitted all the required documents.

            and whats significant is that
            *all types of visa to south korea needs an invitation letter.

          • lizel says:

            i invited my bro.here last yr.i sent him P60,000,before i invite him i also called the korean embassy in phil.to ask how much they need,but they said they are not asking how much do u have as long as u have an acc.in the phil.so i sent him P60,000 and his visa was released thank GOD,he stay here for 4mons.and after ayr.i invite him again w/my sister this feb.4 their visa will be release,i will kip my finger crossed!!! hopefully they will survived the pressure in applying there!

            • Betchay says:

              Hi Lizel! As far as I know, Philippine passport holders can’t stay here for more than 90 days on a tourist visa. How could your brother stay here for four months? Just asking. I know that our kababayans (especially those with families here) would like to know too.

              • apple says:

                yes tourist (filipinos) are only allowed to a maximumof 90 day stay in korea

              • Sujin says:

                Yes, pwede pa pong ipaextend ng 1 month more, if kakausapin ung nasa immigration. Napaextend ko rin yung kapatid ko ng 1 more month after nung 90 days nya, explain nyo po yung reason and show po ng return flight ticket.

        • may says:

          hello po,
          may concern lang po ako,
          how soon are you going to apply for the visa prior to your scheduled visit? is a month enough? or earlier than a month.
          salamat po ^^

        • LNichol says:

          Hi, Hope you had a great trip.
          I am hoping to go to North Korea later this year and would really apreciate your advice on obtaining the visa and specifically the invitation letter.

          Many Thanks

        • jaja says:

          hello apple. my student invited me to visit KOREA on august (all expense paid) but my problem is I don’t have an ITR because I am just working in my aunt’s company. so what is the best thing that I can do? i hope to here from you thank you.

        • kafatid says:

          hi! i caught from your comment”ill have my first visit in korea on feb 18, i have friends there, if you want i could help you with it”

          does it mean you can help me to have an invitation letter for example??

          i had been working as a factory worker in korea and come home to the phils. when i finished my contract more than 3 years ago,i had a lot of friends there and want to visit them but of course they are filipinos and couldnt give me an invitation letter:-(

      • lizel says:

        if your dying to have an invitation letter from korea he/she should be a family of yours,becauce they will ask your relation w/the invitee.

        • apple says:

          an invitor should be related to you but not necessarily mean a relative or a family. invitors i think are reference to be used by the embassy for any illegalities of your stay there, so as long as the invitors would guarantee your credibility and would sign as your guarantor then anyone you know in korea could give you an invitation letter.

          • Nicole says:


            im working as an english teacher in Korea and i wanted to invite my boyfriend over during the summer vacation. im from south africa and my bf is a pakistani citizen living and working in South africa. i called the korean embassy in SA and they require quite a few documents. one of these is an invitation letter from my employer. im quite confused because my employer is not inviting him, i am. i think we may have got our lines crossed but should the letter from my employer be a confirmation letter while the letter that i do work for them, verifying my address and contact details and should i submit a separate invitation letter? they also require a police clearance certificate and in SA this takes about 6 weeks! it seems like a bit much for a 30day visit..

      • Yca Cua says:

        Yes, me too.. Dying to get an invitation letter… and I’m also ready to pay the cost.

  53. donna says:

    hello! ask ko lang.. wala naman akong relative sa korea, pero un mga friends ko ang nag iinvite sa kin.. pede ba un? may bank account naman ako at palagay ko ay ok naman ang laman ng accoutn ko.. kaso self employed ako so wala akong employer or itr… pero im a graduate school student… pede ko kaya gamitin un pagiging grad school student ko, if assurance lng na babalik ako dito? help help!! thanks puh!

  54. Sarfraz Hussain says:

    I am a businessman form Pakistan and want to visit south korea. Korean Embassy required Notrised invitaion letter and gurantee letter. How i can get these two documents. I am ready to pay all expencies and assure that i will not overstay.

  55. gie says:

    Dear Betchay,

    As I stated in other sites of yours I didn’t submit, ITR, BANK ACCOUNT, CERTIFICATE OF EMPLOYMENT, SALARY, O.R. DTI, BUSINESS, PROPERTY , CREDIT CARD, zero money declaration. But, I was given a 59 days VISA eventhough, I just written 10 days.
    Invitation letter to be notarized worth $50. and anybody could make one as long as you established a connection; how did you know each other. ( I’m the one who made the invitation -computer typwritten addressed to KOREAN EMBASSY business style and another address to me…a personal letter style with the signature of the korean ( only an invitation from a korean is required not from an american or filipino station or working there). My intention is only 10 days at least but to stay there? I love our country still even it’s so hot or wet. kkkkkkkk

  56. magkano po ba dapat ang laman ng bank account kc invyte ako ng fwend ng dad ko kc gusto ko xa mabisita dun,,,,, pls help po,,,lah pa akong itr kc di pa me nakakapag workih!!

  57. ahm,,ask ko lang po,, magkano po ba talaga dapat ang laman ng bank account..kc invyt lang ako ng pwend ng dad ko para mabisita sya dun,, nalulungkot kc xa…pls help,, tnx..ahm,,pati po,, di pa po ako nakakapag work sa anu mang trabaho,,wala pa akong itr,,,pls help po,,,!!!

  58. Robbie says:

    ive been told that if i send an invitation letter to my friend in the phil that they will approve her visa. also i am an american in korea and i need to know what the invatation letter should say when i type it up.

  59. john says:

    hlu, poh..tatanong ko lng po..kc yung ate ko i marriage sa isang koreano, 4 almost 10 years then may anak na cla dalawa..now yun ate ko at husband niya ay gusto na papuntahin ang papa nmin dun sa korea..to visit at pra mg tour , and to meet yung mga family at relatives ng husband ng ate ko….now tanong ko lng po..kc yung ate ko already a korean citizen kc nga nag pa convert cia frm pilipino to a korean…..they already send us the invitation letter… possible poh ba na ma approve yung visa ng father ko sa ngayon…kht wla ciang ganon ka laki na amount sa bangko o although my acount cia kc thru ATM yung sahod niya…??? my ibang posibble requirements pba na dpat e submit???..help poh pwede thankzzz

  60. jonalyn says:

    please answer my questions..is it possible to stay in korea for more than two years?my student is inviting me to have a business there. we are planning to make our own english academy there..could anyone tell me if a tourist visa is applicable for me, or should i apply for a working visa?but my problem is that, i am not really a certified teacher..I am just am ESL teacher. please help me..thankz!

  61. april says:

    Hi ms. betchay,

  62. april says:

    Hi ms. betchay,
    i will be leaving for seoul june 1-4, i have heard rumors that korean immigration at the airport is really tough and might deny me entry even though i have a visa. Im scared cos i will be travelling alone because my korean friend will be travelling back to korea on may 4 (hes in the phils on a student visa). Before he leaves he will be writing an invitation letter (i did not need 1 when i applied for a visa cos i was on tour package) for me to spare me trouble from immigration. As he will be writing the letter hir in the phils, what are the necessary details to put in it? pls help, you can email me at aprilrae0109@yahoo.co.uk. I hope i could meet you in korea 🙂

    • Betchay says:

      Hi April! If you’re coming on a tour package, make sure to bring a copy of your itinerary just in case the immigration official asks for it. Make sure to dress presentably.

  63. Jhoenn says:

    Hello everyone!
    I just wanna ask how long does it take to apply for a tourist visa?how long does it take to wait to get the result?please let me know..thankz!<3

  64. Aeigh says:

    Hi there!i am planning to go to korea because i was invited by one of my korean friends..but i cant get an ITR coz im only a contractual employee in the company i am working..is it possible not to show any ITR to the embassy?thanks..

    • Betchay says:

      Hi Aeigh! You could try but if you read some of the comments made by those who did it before you, the embassy usually doesn’t accept incomplete documents.

      • Aeigh says:

        Thank you Miss Betchay! So, i really need to have an ITR for me to get a visa?hmmmm, how long will it take to get a tourist visa?Could it be possible to have a one day process?please let me know..thank you.

  65. Pierre says:

    ask ko lang..magkano bah ang pamasahe papuntang korea?anu bang network ang pwede magamit ko don para magka communicate kami ng family ko through mobile phone?Smart/Globe or Sun?please paki answer..thank you!

    • gh says:

      Bago ako umalis papuntang S.Korea, bumili ako ng roaming zim na smart… hindi gumana dun. laht ng filipino dun iyon din sabi sa akin.
      Pinahiram lang ako ng korean ng extra cellphone nya.

      • adreuan says:


        cebu pacific sometimes offers seat sale to incheon. ung iba nakakakuha ng roundtrip for only P5,000++. aabangan mo nga lang and kailangan paunahan mag-book.

        i disagree with gh, when i went to south korea last year, i used my smart line na naka-roaming. malaki nga lang ang roaming charges. you just have to check with your network provider few days before ka umalis para ma-activate yung roaming.

        • Pierre says:

          ganun bah?sana pwede globe dun kc globe users yong mga friends and family members ko eh..but anyways,cguro tanong ko na lng sa network provider ko b4 ako umalis..tnx sa info guys!:)

  66. ninz says:

    hi ms.betchay
    i hope you can help me.. i have a lot of questions in my mind, regarding on visa application in south korea…
    my bf sends me a notarized invitation letter. he is american, station in korea.
    i wonder what will be the other documents needed before i will try to apply in the embassy…
    im working now in a real estate company but its just partime..so i dont have a itr…
    another thing is… i been to korea before last 2008, i got a E-6 visa- entertainers visa… do you think it will affect my visa application now.
    i hope you could help me… thaks

  67. girl says:

    goodday poh…ask koh lang poh maam betchay…gusto poh akong kunin ng amo ng bf koh sa south korea para mg tourist ng 90 days……ano poh ang pwede kung gawin…at ask din poh ng amo koh kung ano pwede nya gawin…tnx poh sana poh masagot nyo tanong koh…tnx poh ulit……godbless…

  68. Okoye Chukwuma Franklin says:

    Dear apple, I and my friend intend to visit south korea on business sight seeing. We are both from Nigeria, though we are journalists. How can you advise us towards securing an invitation letter. or do you have any contact on who will assists us towards getting the needed invitation letter.

  69. Marj says:

    Hi Ms. betchay,

    Thanks for having this blogsite regarding a very cool place called Korea. This is very informative and useful among all people eager to learn about more about this place. I’ve been a follower of this site a year now.

    I’ve been issued before a UAE Visa and been through travels in south east asia and now I’m interested to visit Seoul Korea. I have in hand now all necessary requirements in appying for C-3 visa except for the invitation letter from a relative there. Is it really necessary to have the invitation letter for me to be granted a visa? I don’t want to assume coz it would be a waste of time and effort if my application would be denied (hope not). I’m hoping for your positive response regarding this. Thank you very much and more power.

  70. mics mics says:

    Hello Ms. Betchay

    i have a ticket already going to korea for 9 days this november 2010…but still i need to process a visa…is it ok if my boyfriend will do a hand written type of letter? and is it ok if he will state in the letter that i am his girlfriend?? Im afraid that the embassy might deny our request tourist visa….
    reply would be much highly appreciated…thanks Ms. Betchay.

    • Betchay says:

      Hi MicsMics! GH said that the Embassy is stricter than before and they might not accept the invitation unless it’s notarized in Korea. Ask your boyfriend to go to any law office in Korea and get the invitation letter there.

  71. joy says:

    ms. bechay dapat ba talaga e naka notorized letter kasi the one that I have ssubmiited was not, personal letter ng Korean frien ko but he do have cappy of his passport and the inner page of it (he spend vacation na kasi dito sa pinas)

    Please let me know if this really matters…

  72. SJGW says:

    Hi guys, ang maximum period of stay dito sa korea ay 90 days lng talaga kaya lng before mag expired yong visa mo pwede ka mag extend ng visa mo sa immigrition office korea tapos bibigyan ka nila ng additional 30 days para sa may mga korean relatives lng yon. thanks and more power

  73. panching says:

    In applying for a visa, there are standard requirements. For all who wish to apply, they must submit the following:

    Application form duly filled in and signed.

    One passport sized colored picture

    Original passport and a copy of the first page (not less than 6 months valid)

    Photocopy of previous and valid visas to U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, or Korea.

    Required documents will depend on the applicant’s occupation and purpose of visit to Korea.


    Invitation Letter from Korea (original)

    Photocopy of Husband’s Military I.D and/or passport photocopy

    Photocopy of Military Order

    NSO Marriage certificate (photocopy)

    Commission on Filipino Certificate (photocopy)


    Employment Certificate (Original)

    Personal Bank Certificate (Original)

    Individual Income Tax Return (photocopy)

    ACR & ICR (for foreign nationals who are resident in the Philippines)

    If Personally invited to Korea : Original Invitation Letter notarized in Korea and passport copy of the Invitor

    If invited by a Company in Korea :Original Invitation Letter notarized in Korea & photocopy of the Korean Company Business Permit


    Business Registration from Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or Registration from the Department of Trade and Industry(DTI) and Mayor’s Permit (photocopy)

    PERSONAL Bank Certificate (original)

    Individual Income Tax Return (photocopy)

    ACR & ICR (for foreign nationals who are resident in the Philippines)

    If Personally invited to Korea : Original Invitation Letter notarized in Korea and passport copy of the Invitor

    If invited by a Company in Korea :Original Invitation Letter notarized in Korea & photocopy of the Korean Company Business Permit


    3.1 Students who will travel for tourism purpose

    School Certificate (original)

    Photocopy of School I.D.

    Birth Certificate (photocopy)

    Copy of parent’s passport first page,

    Parents Bank Certificate (original)

    Parents Employment Certificate (original)

    Income Tax Return (photocopy)

    If Personally invited to Korea : Original Invitation Letter notarized in Korea and passport copy of the Invitor

    Application procedure. After completing the required documents, applicants may file their applications at the Consular Office from 9-11 am only. This is on a first come, first serve basis. No appointment needed.

    Processing takes 5 working days

    This may be extended though, depending on the Consul’s decision. Releasing time is only from 2-4 pm.

    as of June 21,2010

    our new embassy address is:

    122 Upper Mckinley Road, Mckinley Town Center

    Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City 1634 Philippines

    NEW Trunkline number : (632)856-9210

    COnsular Fax Number : (02)856-9024

    Updated: October 12, 2010

  74. tyra says:

    Hi,ask ko lang po,ok lang po ba na mag padala sakin na invitation letter is my american bf? but hes now working in korea (military base)or dapat korean national po talaga,TIA!!!

  75. jc says:

    Ate betchay,

    It’s me again. I posted a message on the other topic about getting a C3 visa.
    Thanks a lot for the info you gave me,now I am completing the requirements for C3.
    I have 1 more concern, since Im working as an Online English Teacher, my korean boss couldnt give me a Cert. of Employment (kasi they dont pay taxes cgru).
    To replace my ITR, ngpagawa ako ng Financial Statements (i dont know exactly how you call it) sa isang CPA (acctg firm).
    but, How about the Cert. of Employment?
    Do I still need to show the embassy CoE or Financial Statements would do nalang? since, my boyfriend will be the one to shoulder my expenses while I stay there.
    And when Im there, I will still be teaching online to help him kahit papanu and/or at least I do something while he’s at work.

    P.s.My boyfriend sent me an invitation letter but it is just handwritten with his sign and calling card in it. I asked him to have the letter notified but he said that he asked the embassy in his country about it and said it’s ok.

    I would really appreciate your reply.
    Thanks in advance!
    God bless everyone~ ^.^

  76. ricky says:

    hi po, ask ko lang po yung i have a girlfriend korean po sya and she send a handwritten nvitation letter pero kauuwi ko lang po galing korea last august as e-9 visa pero tapos ko naman po contract ko hindi po kaya magkaka-conflict kasi dati po akong contract worker dun

  77. Catalina A. Jarina says:

    Hello good day po,
    ask kolang po kung ano ang requirements para sa pag invite ng parents ko sa pinas, May asawa po akong Koreano at matagal na po akong naka tira dito sa Korea, At mangannganak po ako next year ng January gusto ko pong papuntahain ang Mama ko dito. help nyo nmn po ako. kailangan kolang po talaga papuntahin ang Mama ko. Thank you po

    • Betchay says:

      Hi Catalina! Sabihin mo sa asawa mo, magpadala ng invitation letter, copy ng passport niya at family register na nakalagay pangalan mo as his wife… padala mo mga documents na yun sa nanay mo kasama application form, passport at birth certificate at marriage certificate mo… (kailangan kasi makita ng embassy yung relationship ninyong mag-nanay)…. punta siya sa embassy at apply for visa… 3 days lang pag nanay…

  78. leah says:

    gud day!gusto ko po mkrating ng korea pero wala ako ng itr only ah bank certificate at sa pastport ko may previous visa ako from japan but used na….may pagasa po b kng mkrting in korea?tnx po

  79. leah says:

    hi ms betchay!gusto ko po mlaman kng may pagasa ko mkrating ng korea kht wala ko itr at invitiation,gusto k lng magtour with my kids,i only have a bank certifacate at preavious visas but used na in 7times..tnx

    • Betchay says:

      Hi Leah! Pwede ka naman makapag-tour dito basta may proof ka na kaya mong suportahan sarili mo. Yung isang kakilala ko, housewife siya so ang ginamit niya ay financial documents ng asawa niya.

  80. Jee says:

    Hello po,

    Pwedi po bang malaman kung saang Law Office kayo nagpanotarize ng inyong sample invitation letter?
    Kasi ang boyfriend ko po nagtanung sa law offices pero hindi daw nila alam.
    Nagtanong din ako sa estudyante kong Korean Lawyer, pero ang sabi nya hindi daw available ang service na ito sa kanilang law office.
    Thank you~!!!!

  81. Cristina says:


    Hi magtatanong lang po sana ako kung ano po ang kailangan documents for visiting visa for family of military pesonel plano ko po kasi invite ang sister ko husband ko pa ang US.Air Force stationed sa osan korea…marami na po ako narinig na rumors saying madedeny daw ang kapatid ko dahil yung kapatid ng friend nila ilan beses na nadeny..ang gusto ko lang po malaman ano po ba talaga ang required docs. meron na po kame mga documents na galing sa employer ng asawa ko mga suporting affidavit and stuff like that..gusto ko lang po malaman if meron pa kame docs na nakalimutan isama…

    Thank You

    • Betchay says:

      Hi Cristina! Kailangan niya mag-apply as a tourist so kailangan din niya i-submit yung required documents. Paki-tingnan ang “South Korea Tourist Visa FAQ” link sa ‘taas for the list. Pwede mag-invite ang asawa mo kung anak mo or parents mo.

  82. carlo redoble says:

    good evening maam betchay i want to ask if the invitation letter should be given to me, for example 2 weeks before the planned departure

  83. bong says:

    ano po ba kailangan pag pina invite ko sa amo ko ung asawa ko as a tourist visa? tnx

  84. breaker says:

    hello i have question, im a us service memeber here in korea with the letter of invitation who exactly needs to fill out?

  85. mari says:

    hello miss betchay, ano ho nga ba mga requirements kung gusto dalhin ang parents sa korea,.please update me.. thank you..

  86. nenen says:

    hi,gusto ko pong malaman pano ang paraan ng pag invite ,kasi po yung anak ko me asawang korean at gusto nya pong invite papa nya ,asawa ko,bumisita ng korea.di po kasi alam ng asawa nya pano kaya pinaresearch nya kmi at para malaman nya at sobra po sya busysa work,sana po matulungan nu kami,maraming salamat po….

    • Betchay says:

      hi nenen! sa link na ‘to… http://www.buhaykorea.com/south-korea-tourist-visa-faq/

      Korean Family Census issued within the last 3 months (original)
      Korean’s Passport photocopy
      Daughter’s Passport photocopy
      Daughter’s NSO marriage Certificate
      Invitation letter from the Korean National

      FOR KOREAN’S SISTER/BROTHER-IN-LAW (sister or brother of a
      Filipino married to a Korean)
      Birth Certificate of the applicant
      Korean’s Marriage History Certificate (issued within 3 months)
      Korean’s passport photocopy (first page)
      Married Filipino’s passport photocopy (first page)
      Married Filipino’s NSO Marriage Certificate
      Invitation Letter from the Korean national

      If applicant is employed, submit Employment Certificate, BAnk Certificate and ITR

  87. Pretty Len says:

    Hi Ms.Betchay, Thanks for running this forum and sharing usefull infos about visiting Korea.I myself would like to tour South Korea but the problem is..my reported salary in BIR is different from my actual salary. Confi matter from my employee. That is why I am exempted from Tax payment. ITR is one of the requirements in visa application. Any suggestion or help in regard to my very very big problem.

  88. ann says:

    hi ms betchay good day 2 u..magtatanong lng po ako 7mons pa po ako d2 sa korea eh gus2 ko sanang iinvite ung kuya ko,eh sabi nila di pa raw pwd kasi di pa ako citizin,ilang years po ba pwd kong ma invite ung kuya ko??at pwd rin ba na husband ko nlng muna ang mag invite sa kanya?korean po asawa ko..pakisagot nmn po..salamat..

    • Betchay says:

      hi ann! oo, yung husband mo ang magi-invite sa kuya mo… eto ang required documents:

      Birth Certificate of the applicant
      Korean’s Marriage History Certificate (issued within 3 months)
      Korean’s passport photocopy (first page)
      Married Filipino’s passport photocopy (first page)
      Married Filipino’s NSO Marriage Certificate
      Invitation Letter from the Korean national

      If applicant is employed, submit Employment Certificate, BAnk Certificate and ITR

      • Arianne says:

        Hello Ms Betchay!

        Ive been here in Korea for 2 years na and I want to invite my family this October. My mom has been here 2 times last year pero first time ng father at ng brother ko. Do you have any idea if yung invitation letter na papadala namin ng hubby ko is minsanan or kelangan separate?

        Thank you!

        • Betchay says:

          Hi Arianne! Hindi kailangan, pwedeng isa lang ang invitation letter. Nung nag-apply ang mga ate ko, isang invitation letter lang ang pinadala ko kahit na yung isa ay hindi first time traveler.

          • Arianne says:

            Thank you Ms. Betchay.. Parang deja vu lang.. Naalala ko I had depended on your site for info for my own visa way back 2010… Thank you ulit! Youre always helpful.. 🙂

  89. ann says:

    maraming salamat sa sagot mo ms betchay.. GOD BLESS YOU..

  90. banhee says:

    For those asking if OFWs can invite their relatives, the answer is yes. But it also depends on the OFW’s status here in Korea.

    I was a holder of an E-7 visa prior to marrying my husband (who is Korean) and I was able to invite my mother and she stayed here for 59 days. The requirements I submitted to the Korean embassy in the Phils are the following:

    1. my bank account
    2. my employment certificate
    3. my Alien registration card
    4. Letter of invitation, signed by me and my boss (there was no need for me to authenticate this one as it was signed by my manager, which as I was told, gives the embassy an assurance that the invitee will not overstay)

    Please note also that I only scanned these documents and sent it via email. the Korean embassy accepts even just a scanned copy.

    For dependent visa of an E-7 visa holder, my other Filipino officemates processed the dependent visa of their spouse here in Korea. You will need to submit your marriage certificate translated to Korean and have it notarized. I think this one is easier than inviting them here as tourist then change the visa to dependent.

    when I changed my visa from E-7 to F-2, it took the immigration office 6 months to approve it and after so many follow ups. We can’t understand why it had to take that long.

  91. banhee says:

    Pretty Len,

    Even though you are exempted from tax, your company still submits your ITR to BIR and you can ask your employer a copy of this ITR signed by the head of HR or whoever is authorized to sign it. In the ITR, they also mention your salary. You can also ask an employment certificate from your company and request them to mention in the certificate the amount of your salary.

  92. banhee says:

    Ooops, I forgot to mention, the invitation letter must be printed using your company’s stationery, i.e., with its logo. You may choose to stamp the invitation letter (using your company’s stamp) or ask a copy of your boss/co-worker’s korean id. that’s all, no need to notarize.

  93. bbgirl22 says:

    hi banhee i need your suggestions if it is necessary in the certificate of employment the contact number of our employer since i am working in one of the biggest agency in our country so maybe they cannot identify all their employees…thanks…i need your response..

  94. banhee says:

    Hi bbgirl22!

    If you’re going to submit an employment certificate, it must be printed using your company stationery that shows the logo and usually indicates the company’s phone number.

    If your company is able to issue an employment certificate, that only goes to show that your employer maintains your 201 file and they can surely identify you in case the embassy calls them for verification. So i think there’s no need for you to worry about indicating the phone number.

    Btw, if your husband is working here in Korea and you’ll be applying for a tourist visa on his invitation, submission of an employment certificate on your part will just be optional i guess (but he needs to submit his employment certificate issued by the Korean or Korea-based company). But the best way to be sure is to submit your employment certificate too.

    hope this helps.^^

  95. banhee says:

    Ms. Betchay,

    The information I shared is nothing as compared to what you have shared to us. I’m amazed as to how you patiently answer most, if not all of the questions posted to your every blog.^^

  96. chen chen says:

    Ms betchay..wala pa akong isang taon dito sa korea, gusto ng asawa kong korean iinvite ang mother at brother ko dis coming april,kasi kasal namin,my posibilidad po bang ma bigyan cla ng visa?pakisagot po tnx..

    • Betchay says:

      hi chenchen! oo pwede naman… eto mga requirements:

      -Korean Family Census issued within the last 3 months (original)
      -Korean’s Passport photocopy
      -Daughter’s Passport photocopy
      -Daughter’s NSO marriage Certificate
      -Invitation letter from the Korean National

      FOR KOREAN’S SISTER/BROTHER-IN-LAW (sister or brother of a
      Filipino married to a Korean)
      -Birth Certificate of the applicant
      -Korean’s Marriage History Certificate (issued within 3 months)
      -Korean’s passport photocopy (first page)
      -Married Filipino’s passport photocopy (first page)
      -Married Filipino’s NSO Marriage Certificate
      -Invitation Letter from the Korean national

      If applicant is employed, submit Employment Certificate, BAnk Certificate and ITR

  97. julieta says:

    asks ko lng …sure po ba na ma bigyan me ng visa …my sister invite me dahil malapit na sya manganak … now complete na requirment

  98. lhen says:

    ask ko lang po f san pwede mag pagawa ng invitation letter di2 sa korea for my sister gus2 q kc xa papuntahin di2 dhil mlp8 na aqong manganak

  99. she says:

    gudpm,ask q lng po if ung korean embassy nka acces s NSO? cgeck b nila s NSO if tma ung mga docs.n pinasa mo? pls reply,thanks

  100. she says:

    kc may problem s birhtcertificate ko,may error n 1 letter,its embassy verify this in NSO? salamatpo.

  101. carlo redoble says:

    good morning i want to ask about invitation letter. kailangan po ba mag match sa invitation letter ang “reason for entry” at ang address sa korea?

  102. nenen says:

    pede po makahingi ng example ng invitation letter dahil balak pong imbitahan ng anak ko na nakapangasawa ng koreano ang aking asawa

  103. vhina16 says:

    Ate bethcay.
    ask ko lang po,, dati po ako asawa ng koreano pero umuwi ako sa pinas kxe binubug2x ako,, kahit ba expire na ung alien visa ko pde pa ba ako magtour sa korea,,, sana matulungan nyu ako,,

  104. Ray says:

    Why is it so easy for a Korean to travel to the Philippines to educate their kids and open a business to provide their family with a better future. The airplanes from South Korea to the Philippines is 80-90 percent full of Koreans traveling with ease to the Philippines and the same on the return flight to South Korea. Its so easy that the airlines base their fairs on the Korean holidays and other Korean events. it can be as much as 300,000.00 won increase. My point is, lets make this fair and as easy to travel to South Korea for the Philippine people. Thank you

  105. trexie says:

    Good day to you Ms.Betchay..na invite ko na po ang brother ko dito sa korea,next month po matatapos na po ang visa nya., pag uwi nya sa pilipinas pwd ba syang mag apply ng working visa sa agency?pero dito sya tutuloy sa aming bahay habang nag tatrabaho sya..inaasahan ko po ang inyong sagot,salamat..

  106. francis says:

    hello there! i would like to ask if you could send me a copy of the four page invitation letter, cuz i asked make me an invitATION LETTER and she told me to give her the form,,i hope it;s ok if u email to me..plz!thank u so much!GOD BLESS~

  107. francis says:

    i have a question, even if i don’t have the standard for of the Invitation letter to go to korea, is it ok if i just give the embassy,a hand written letter from my korean friend and have it notarized or do u still need to use the cho cheong jang! bectchay, is it ok if u send a copy of it to me, it’s really important! thank u so much!GOD BLESS!

  108. Arif shehzad says:

    Hi i.m from afghanistan and want to go south korea by visit but i need invition letter

  109. jhay says:

    hi ms betchay. My fiancee who is a us army will be inviting me to korea for a short visit. I just resigned from work coz i put up a small business. Ok lng ba na mayors permit lng wala na ung dti? Hoping na ma email mu po ako soon. Thank u very much… Will appreciate it.

    • Betchay says:

      Hi Jhay! They would usually not accept incomplete documents. In the new list of required documents, they listed DTI business certificate. You might want to try but they just MIGHT ask you additional documents, or maybe not. If you have properties, bring the title too.

  110. joseph says:

    i will be happy to have an invitation to help me visit your noble country.

  111. edz says:

    hello po gud day… ask ko lang po!!!! pewede po b ko maka-kuha ng tourist visa.. kahit friend ko lang po un ng-invite skin.. pero un friend ko po my asawa cya koreano…. kng pewde po ako maka- pag aply ng tourist visa… anu anu po un list ng requirment? thnkz

  112. ern says:

    mag tanong lang ako about dun sa invitation letter… nalilito ksi ako kung need notarized o hindi… ..
    or ok lang n notarized yung letter khit di nmn kelangan… tapos ask ko din pag punta ba s embassy eh need na rin ung plane ticket o later nalng pag approve n ung visa…

  113. ern says:

    ms betchay
    late ko n read ung reply mo regards sa invitation letter..anyway no problem nmn cguro f ung na request kong letter eh notarized…

    ung sajang ko kasi ung mag iinvite sa family ko… then ok lang ba n idagdag din ng mrs. ko ung contact number ko sa form sa embassy… eps ako.. E9 visa holder… offer ksi ng sajang ko n pwede invite family tapos ako sa airfare then cya ang mag provide ng hotel and food… for 7 days .. christmas vacation

  114. yaw says:

    Good day. Just want to ask if the invitation letter should be in korean or is it ok if it ia just in english? I got a.korean friend willing to make the invitation problem is i need a translator

  115. Dear !
    we are one of the leading company in lahore ( Pakistan ) exhibit in Morocco
    and other country for general business we have
    very good contact with local business person in lahore ( Pakistan ) we highy
    like to visit south korea i hope you will be consider
    us and send us detail about visitor our company member of
    ( Lahore chamber of commerce and industry ) and our local
    business Association i hope you invite us and send printed material for

    Anjum Nawaz Khan
    17-A New Mozang Lahore 54000 (Pakistan)
    +923126998882 cell No.

  116. Desmond says:

    guys please …i need to travel to Uk to spend my xmas vacation with my inlaw(Husband to my sister) …i wish to kwon the type of application i will make…do i go for family or friend visa application and also the requirements for successful application.Kind regards

  117. Mel says:

    I’m unemplyod and my korean friend wants to invite me in korea. ANo po yung mga requirements na kailangan kong isubmit? You’re reply can be very usefull. Thanks a lot.

  118. jhoy says:

    hi ms.betchay ask ko lng po sna if possible b n mainvite ko ung sister ko ulit dto?but this time kasabay niyang pupunta yung parents namin. when it comes to invitation letter b isang invitation letter lng ba ang kailangan? or magkabukod ang letter ng parents at ng sister ko? thanks in advance God bless..^^

  119. marvins says:

    Dear Sir,Ma.
    I work and live in U.A.E. i will like to come to come to south korea for tourist,i want you to put me true,what are the thing am i going to get before i can apply for visa,for me to enable to get the visa.

  120. Archie says:

    Hi i’m Archie from Tanzania i aged 25 years.I want to come korea but i don’t have invitation letter so can u invite me to come there because i like so much to come Korea please contact with me vie email

  121. David Gyan says:

    who can go into partnership with me by sending me south Korea, Japan invitation…..??? if anyone out there write me at gyellow79@yahoo.com

  122. David Gyan says:

    who can go into partnership with me by sending me south Korea, Japan invitation…..??? if anyone out there write me at gyellow79@yahoo.com

  123. David Gyan says:

    who can go into partnership with me by sending me south Korea, Japan invitation…..??? if anyone out there write me at gyellow79@yahoo.com and other countries invitation too…Thank you

  124. Mari says:


    This blog site is really helpful.

    I am (Filipino) going to KOrea next month as a tourist, I am currently residing in Vietnam as my husband is working here. Now, I have contacted travel agents here to help me out with this and even contact Korean Embassy here but they have asked many documents which I am not sure about.

    Would you mind to help me on what exactly the documents requirements are.

    Thank you so much.

  125. mads says:

    Hi miss Betchay, does the invitation letter need to be taken from cho-cheong-jang and notarized or a simple invitation letter e-mailed to me is possible? My uncle working in Camp Humphreys is planning to invite me to Korea but we don’t know much on how to secure an invitation letter. He has an American Citizenship and working for the military. Hope you could help me out. Thank you so much!

    • Betchay says:

      Hi Mads! The invitation letter is optional and from Korean only, but you could try to get a notarized one from your uncle.

  126. solcrates sena says:

    isa po akong taga hanga sa programa niyo.nakatira po ako sa Caliat, Quezon Nueva Vizcaya. ako po ay may kapansanan at kapansanan ko po ay Speech Impairment. gusto ko pong humiling sa inyo ng business sa bayan namin sa Solano Nueva Vizcaya.Sina Jennifer and Carlo are may partnership in business para sa PWD… pawang kapansanan silang dalawa…..kahit may kapansanan gusto rin silang magtrabaho, para makita ng tao na kahit kapansanan kaya namin ito. ayaw po namin na umaasa sa magulang namin at kung gusto niyo po na pumunta sa aming bayan…ok po.. sana po mabasa niyo yong kahilingan ko at sana matulungan mo kami….God bless po…

  127. ORIS says:

    I would like to ask the right contact/office that can send an invitation letter for United Arab Emirates for 10 to 14 days visit to Dubai on November please my name is Oris Newman , +233 5450 14408, newmanoris@yahoo.com

  128. tiffany says:

    hi.im planning to go to korea with my korean friend.nagtatrabaho siya dito sa pinas,tapos magkasama kami sa bahay.gusto niya ko iinvite na magbakasyon sa korea sa feb. dahil holiday daw.sabay kaming pupunta ng korea at sabay din uuwi ng pinas.pwede ba siya magbigay ng invitation letter??

  129. jhoy clein says:

    hello miss betchay can i ask some question about how to invite my sister to become my baby sitter, and i want that she will going to stay atleast 3years can you pls help me about this? and what should the requirements should be going to prepare? this is emergency pls can you reply as soon as possible pls can you do that for me?

  130. marie says:

    hello po kailangan bang notarized ang invitation letter? my korean husband will invite my sister to stay here with me.May nakasulat kasi na invitation letter need not to be notarized.

  131. rukia bhabez says:

    H! Poh gud eve poh miss betchay ask ko lng poh, kng pwede ko poh ba ma invite aswa ng kuya koh (hipag) pra mag alaga sa baby ko! May pag asa kya na mainbitahan ko sya dto sa korea khit na dko sya kapatid plz help me poh, tnx po ng mdami

  132. Hendy says:

    Hi Betchay,

    I’m an Indonesian passport holder living & working in Malaysia for the past 2 years.

    I’m having a trip to Korea this coming November 2012 (10-18). The Korean Embassy in Malaysia required the invitation letter as posted in your blog due to I’m not applying in my home country.

    Can you advice me on how to get the invitation letter? I really frustrated now coz I dont want to burn my tickets.. 🙁

  133. Hellen says:

    Hello Mam Betchay,
    Pang seven times ko ng balik dito sa korea.Nag pa partime job lang ako.Ngayon may nakita akong employer na diplomat na gusto akong i isponsor.Kailangan ko pabang bumalik ng Pinas para sa working visa or dito na i convert ang visa ko from tourist to working visa?Pls reply po.thank you so much…


  134. Dear Betchay,
    Thanks for the blog. It’s really informative. I have some query, can you please help me/ guide me for that?
    I am Mayukh Mahapatra. I am currently working in South Korea. I am holding E7, multiple entry visa and alien registration card. Now my Baby have born last month in India and I want to bring him to Korea. When I contacted Korean Embassy, they give me list of documents that I need to submit for visa application for my baby. From the list, I could able to manage all other documents, other than below one,
    Invitation letter (from my Korean Employee)
    So, do my employee need to provide me 초청장 (cho-cheong-jang) or company letterhead invitation will be fine. If it’s company letterhead, will you give me some sample letter for that same?
    Thanks for your help and support.
    Please mail me, if you need any more information or clarification.
    –Mayukh Mahapatra

  135. Gen says:

    Ngwowork ako dito sa macau pg pumunta b aq ng korea kailangan p ng invitation letter khit my tourist visa ka?thanks

  136. Wheng says:

    Hi there!just wanna know kung pno po processing kapag wife ng US military based in korea…plan ko kc bisitahin hubby ko.Pno po b pggawa ng invitation letter kpag s army at saan pwede ipnotarize..thank you

  137. angel says:

    Hello po. Gusto ko lang po malaman if yung invitation letter po should be written in korean or english. And need po ba yung list ng pupuntahan dun sa korea? And what if po unemployed ka then yung bank certificate ng mom mo gamitin mo po, pwede ba yun?

  138. Man Ong says:

    Hi! What’s the maximum number of people that can be included in that invitation?

  139. Tintin says:

    Hi there, I am planning to travel to on March 2016. I am a Filipino working here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Can you assist me in getting an invitation letter? 🙂 I already called the South Korean Embassy and was informed that an invitation letter is a must requirements.

    Looking forward to your response 🙂

  140. jibi says:

    who can provide invitation letter please send me mail.

  141. Princessmhae says:

    Good morning miss betcahy. I don’t have invitation from Korea. Should I can pass the tourist visa.. And one questions even I just open only my bank account this month’s can they chance to allowed me.thank u so much

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