Two men charged over Lee Dong Gun’s brother’s death

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  1. Robert Casey says:

    This is VERY sad. Whoever or not the victim had/has a famous or well known brother, it should never happen. NEVER!, His family, and the family of the other victim fighting for his life in hospital now, should never receive such news.

    And I guess the parents of the two 18 year olds should never receive the news that their young sons have murdered a person and left another seriously wounded.

    OMG, WHY!! It should not be so for any family. Who or what motivates anyone to do such a thing because they feel they are “looked down on”… and maybe that is only what one side felt:), may not what the victims intended to communicate!

    The fact that two 18 year old males ( Michael Lee and Ivan Wong) allegedly did it, is even sadder. WHY. !.. They will spend the most part of their lives in prison now, and if guilty they should! BUT who or what taught them to respond with a knife.

    It is scary! Please keep in touch with their trial, as who knows, if they are guilty, they may be out in 8 years when the families of the victims have to live with it forever.

    “Stupidity” is the key.. lets all hope our friends, families, and people we meet are never as stupid to feel their worth is threatened by a perceived look. If the murderers had a proper perspective on their own self worth, they would never be looking for a “fight” and not be in gaol (jail) for the rest of their lives.

    There they will get different looks, maybe not a perceived and imagined “looking down on them”, but a more lusty one from fellow inmates for the next 10-30 years.

    Sad, both sides ruined because of silly pride or misconceptions:( and maybe on just one side!

    My heartfelt sorrow to the families of this tragedy

  2. AzureWolf says:

    Yeah, murder is bad enough, but a pointless murder is just beyond words.

  3. ruth says:

    hi i don’t get it.. you mean lee dong Gun’s brother is the suspect? or lee dong gun’s brother is the victim?…

  4. nora says:

    lee dong gun’s brother is the victim. for the family of lee dong gun condolence.

  5. Wangbu says:

    The case was probably aggravated simply because the victims brother is a celebrity. If he was not related to someone popular, it might not blow up to such proportions.

  6. Dong Gun is a really good actor I am sorry to hear about this, and I don’t understand how anyone could do that.

  7. Airsoftking says:

    Lee Dong Gun is indeed a good actor and I’m sorry for his loss but I agree with Robert…the fact that he’s famous shouldn’t matter.

  8. christine says:

    go shopping of cos can look around. why the two young attackers get angry so easily?

    feel sad for a young guy to lose his life at a young age

    ldg and his family take care


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