For the sake of whiter skin

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  1. Rmjonah says:

    people want things that they don’t have, e.g. white people want to have a tan, or an orange complexion, dark eyed people wear contact lenses to make their eyes seem lighter, etc…

    i like my complexion din, hindi masyadong maitim, hindi masyadong maputla. tamang luto!

  2. AzureWolf says:

    Good for her. Your sister is a smart cookie.

    I disagree with Rmjonah that white people desire tans. I always see them defending themselves and running away from sunlight.

    I think it’s a nice thing to be lighter skinned, but if you’re not, then you shouldn’t make an effort to become something you aren’t. Instead, you should just find “your look.”

  3. Betchay says:

    @Azurewolf – east asians already have fair skin but they still want to be fairer… i guess it’s hard to be satisfied with what you have specially when you see the media glorifying an “ideal” beauty

    @Rmjonah – pareho tayo, hindi masyadong maitim, hindi masyadong maputla… tamang luto ika nga 😀

  4. shasha says:

    i love brown skin. several studies have already shown that brown skin is the healthiest. 😀 i’m keeping it!

  5. Mr. Malunkot says:

    I have always felt that everyone should be happy with the life that god has blessed to all, if he wanted you white, he would have made you white, Be happy with your color and show your pinoy pride, as a Bunso of mine once said to me, Why should I use those products!! I don`t want to be plastic and get old faster! Anyway, the Morena is more maganda, and not afraid to go out into the sun!! heh heh heh

  6. Sun says:

    Not everyone who wants to be white wants it for beauty or vanity. I have ichthyosis vulgraris, a skin condition that forms dotted patterns on my shins and my skin appears very scaly. I want to use glutathione because I want to look like a normal person and not a freak of nature.

    I hope people won’t look down on those of us who wants to be white. We all have different reasons.

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