Alleged crime by a Filipino illegal alien

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6 Responses

  1. marycar says:

    it’s definitely a bad news for everyone..

    the suspect should be punished!!

    we already had a bad record in korea.

  2. Rmjonah says:

    this might come out wrong but in my own opinion, illegal aliens should be pulled out since its not really fair for those who spent the time to process the papers to stay in a country legally.

  3. AzureWolf says:

    Wow, just crazy.

    I hate how so few represent the majority, when they are the exception to this rule. Like illegal aliens, most of them have a dream and are working hard to achieve it. Now here comes one person who kills and makes laws harder and tougher for everyone.

    It’s a shame: I’ve noticed illegal aliens appreciate their choice of country more than those of us who are here naturally.

  4. jiyeon says:

    they said that the girl used to swear and throw things at the filipino suspect,.and one night he was drunk and the girl swear and pick a fight and he grabbed the knife and there you go.

  5. Betchay says:

    @jiyeon – like they say, there are two sides to a story… i just hope he’ll get a fair trial… after all, he’s supposed to be innocent until proven guilty (but that just doesn’t work in Asia!)…

    @AzureWolf – fortunately (?) the korean populace doesn’t seem to be interested in this story and it’s because of the more gruesome crime done by the guy who killed and mutilated two girls

    @marycar – whether he’s a Filipino or not, criminals should pay their dues… but you’re right, this is korea… people think differently here

    @Rmjonah – i have the same opinion but i’ve met some illegal aliens here and i truly pity their plights

  6. bagong pinoy says:

    there are also a lot of illegally staying Koreans here in the Philippines. if that happened here (a Korean killing a Filipino) of course he’ll also be put to jail and given a trial.. the race doesn’t even count. it’s just a criminal vs victim. whether there are other circumstances surrounding the crime like what jiyeon said then i’m sure the court will find about it. hopefully they’ll make a fair assessment. btw, the possibility of the girl throwing stuffs and picking a fight against the Filipino is not that far-fetched. Koreans do not exactly have a good reputation here in the Philippines. In fact, i think they’re the only “foreigners” that Filipinos have a growing resentment for, unfortunately.

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