Private tutoring in Korea is illegal!

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  1. AzureWolf says:

    Why is private tutoring so taboo? I do not see the harm.

    Although 100 per hour?! You’re making it enticing! I think the risk is worth that much pay if it adds up… <_< hehehe

  2. Betchay says:

    it’s just like illegal prostitution… you can’t tax the prostitute or the tutor if they’re not registered… but private tutors here do earn that much ^^

  3. jehan says:

    halu ate betchay! this is good news for my friend working there in korea. btw, i was wondering how could i send you a private message? i really need your advice right now. thanks. my ym id by the way is jehan_1207 or email address is

    i am a regular visitor of your blog. i like it a lot…

  4. Betchay says:

    @jehan >> tell ur friend to be careful…

  5. cayle says:

    hi,its my first time to visit this site and i find it very interesting.about this illegal tutor issue,may plans pa nmn sana ako na pasukin ang tutoring,but when i read the collumn,natakot na ako.thanks for the info.>>>>>

  6. Ivan says:

    Hi…this is my first tym sa u na site,,,I worked here in Korea as an Industrial worker…rcently I accepted an 1 hour ENglish tutorial..and it will be on sunday…An this is my first tym to do this kind of part-time;;;;anyways…I’am just asking u a favor if ano ang mga DONT’s and DO’s sa first meeting…with the parents and the stude…their age is 12 and 13….pls..really need some advice here..tnx..and God bless…

  7. Emma says:

    ..Are you sure?
    What’s with all the advertisements on Korean television of random people becoming tutors?
    And the excessive amount of flyers? They are all certified?

  8. dreaded says:

    Well…i have the f2 visa and private tutoring is legal for anyone with this is only illegal if you are ont he standard e2 visa and dont have a letter from your current employer allowing you to do so. its not like prostitution although i like the euphamism, (tax etc) its just a case of earnign extra moeny which you can do as a korean citizen, or a married foreigner with f2 visa, or (i heard recenly) an E2 visa with permission from the current main employer (sponsor of visa). Some schools will even offer the use of the school for such classes after or before regular hours (sometimes for no charge if your a good teacher-sometimes for a fee)

    It is something to be cautious about as so many do it the illegal way but its worth looking into, especially finding more out about the e2-with permission option, i read it somewhere so you will want to verify it.

    Good luck if you still need it!

    (as for 1 year in prison, thats rubbish unless you were touching the students or something messed up like that, even some people caught with drugs didnt get that-you would just get deported and fined-so would your school)

  9. dreaded says:

    p.s. as with everything dont take my word, ask around and get the legal advice before doing anything. this is korea and you should respect the country’s laws and people. even if you find the culture shock hard to calibrate to.

  10. Sunie says:

    Respect what?

    They are one of the most stubborn races in the world?

    I have lived here for a VERY VERY long time, they are still in the stone age with their thinking, thats why they will remain a 3rd world 1st world party assisted country.

    The rules here are really horrible, I actually just learn Kendo and have a fiance here and they are suspicious of me for drug trafficing because I leave every few months to re-do my visa.

  11. E.M. says:

    I’m wondering about tutoring online with an international company while working in Korea.
    If I’m an online tutor being paid by a non-Korean company, and the students aren’t in Korea, is it still illegal?

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