First time in Korea? Part 1.

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  1. james says:

    where’s part 2?

  2. I am currenlty a college student here in manila and I got curious of how pnioys live there in Korea…you see one of my goals was to actually migrate there when i get rich…hahaha…just a dream!!! anyway, is it really that hard to live there?? hay..i was fascinated and how can i put it in words…oh yeah…infatuated with the Korean culture, that’s why maybe someday I’ll have that chance to visit the country. Hopefully when I’m older. Anyway, thanks to your posts I somehow feel how it is to be there. Aja aja fighting po!!!^_^ kumapsumnida!!!

  3. iheartkimbum says:

    angeli, i totally share your infatuation with the korean culture.

    i’m 100% pinay. but some people say i look like a korean because sometimes, i’m not really aware that i do, but i guess i’m slowly adapting the korean wave. someday soon, i’ll visit Korea.

    iheartkimbums last blog post..Focker Playing

  4. queck says:

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    I’m single and is going alone. How much do you think would be my living expenses say for a month?

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