Autumn Tales’ Lee Ae Jeong

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  1. nicole says:

    hi.kamusta na?hndi ka na nagrereply ah.busy na ba?reply ka naman.thanks.

  2. sokha sinim says:

    i really have no idea.Let say really sorry for lee died.
    i still suport her.
    i miss u Lee.

  3. tenzin tsomo says:

    i felt very sorry to lee that she leave so certain that make us shocked.i just hope that she will be a big star at next generation with beautiful long life.

  4. Diana Nguyen says:

    I didn’t care about this news until today. When i realize that she is the young Shin Ae in Autumn fairy tale, i’m so sad. She’s so young & so poor, she died bcz of uncureable disease. Rest in peace now, I miss u.

  5. thuyduong says:

    I didn’t know this until today.I’m so sad and that made me shocked.I only want to say to her:” I love you and forever”

  6. thuyduong says:

    I didn’t know this until today.I’m really sad and this made me shocked.I only want to say to her:”I love you and forever so”

  7. Jung Ah says:

    Me and my brother were too late when we found out about the news. My brother’s a big fan of her and is always dedicated to her. After finding out the news, at first we were so shocked that we couldn’t stop our eyes from producing tears. Then my brother started to get wild. He threw all of our vases, flower pots and he broke even my mom’s favorite glass base. I tried to calm him and I said “Let her go. She’s in a better place now? She’s in a place where she doesn’t suffer”. But until now, he still misses her. I can really tell he’s a true fan of her.

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