Song Il Guk’s changing hairstyles…

I guess every Song Il Guk fan have heard that he’s got a new drama coming soon. The title is “The Lobbyist” or is it now “Angel”? Anyway, it will be shown on SBS in September. He stars with Jang Jin Yeong, one of the CF queens in Korea. It isn’t a historical drama but an action drama, so I still hope to see some martial action from Song Il Guk. I just hope so… although early pics have shown him carrying a gun! One thing’s for sure, he won’t be sporting the long hair we’ve come to love in Jumong and Hae Shin.

song il guk in haeshin song il guk in jumong

song il guk in angel/lobbyist


  1. Hello…. Song Il seems to be so nice and he really is a good looking guy! Anyways, may i know if he is married already or got a girlfriend? I just like him, a lot! I like his height, his color and his appeal, oozing! hehehe I love him so much….

  2. By the way, I’m a Filipina…. Hope to visit Korea… I heard that He will be coming over here in the Philippines, When is that?

  3. All the differnt hair style in different movie look nice on him, in emperor of the sea, jumong n tears of endearment. Mayb he got a handsome face. I love all his facial expression too especially when he smiles. Hope to see Song soon.

  4. Hi, Il Guk,

    I was moved by your cute smile and great acting in Terms of endearment.. You are really cute…

    Hoe you can visit Philippines soon.

  5. Saw “Lobbyist” and it was great! Song Il Gook did all kinds of things there just like at true heartthrob does to please his fans – singing “In the Mood for Love”, playing football, tennis, dancing the tango True Lies-style, BTW the music was also taken from True Lies (my fave movie of all time together with Alien).. I was even waiting for him to fly an airplane! It was a complete character makeover after Jumong and I found it really refreshing. Lobbyist is a must for all Song Il Gook lovers out there. After Jumong, you’ll fall for him all over again in Lobbyist. Oppa, you’re famous here in the Philippines. Please come here and shoot some movie or something. I’d love to see you in person, although just seeing your face on tv is enough to make my day, oppa! And my hubby is starting to get jealous, heehee. So to appease him, I tell him he looks a lot like you, shh…hahaha! Luv yah!!!

  6. emperor of the sea is great drama i see her with arabic traduction it’s perfect but i hope see next drama jumong
    goog luck song il gook
    you are the best acteur in all


  8. hi how are you? long never friends as ok.. i have watch kingdom of the winds and jumong dvd finish good wish. take care i am deaf pipi on philippines 6 danville st. v.v. country home cainta rizal 1900 philippines

  9. hello dear song you are very handsome i like you very much
    i have best wishes for you in all your life .i hope see you in an other drama better than before .

  10. song ─▒l guk sana a┼č─▒─č─▒m yaaaaaaaaaaa,s─▒n─▒fta grup kurduk.efsane prens diye.tamda uydu.ben sosono.berkant jumong.f─▒rat yontabal.mihriban yomyul.saliha yuva.h─▒m bide yonkbo berkant 2 defa rol verdik.
    ben 8*b den seda song ─▒l guk hayranlar─▒ beni eklesin

  11. ┼čark─▒lar─▒n─▒ ba┼čtan sona biliyorum.jumong seni seviyorum.
    sosono senide
    deso al├ža─č─▒

  12. l├╝tfen bu iletiyi ingilizceye ├ževirip ├Âyle okuyun say─▒n song ─▒l goog.ingilizcem yeterli de─čil size t├╝rk├že bir┼čeyler yazmak sitedim okuyamayaca─č─▒n─▒z─▒ bile bile…klasik hayran s├Âyllemlerini tekrar etmek istemiyorum.i┼čleriniz ├žok ba┼čar─▒l─▒ sizi tebrik ederim.birg├╝n kar┼č─▒la┼čaca─č─▒mz ├╝midindeyim sizi g├Ârmeyi ├žok isterim biliyorum olmayacak bir hayal bu ama size bir hayalimide s├Âylemek istiyorum in┼čallah olur sizinle kar┼č─▒lkl─▒ oturp kitap okuyup kitapla ilgili tart─▒┼čmay─▒ ├žok istiyorm.sizi t├╝rkiyeye devet ediyorum size buralar─▒ gezdirmeyi ├žok isterim.sonsuz sevgiyle Allaha emanet olun…

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  14. ya jumong ben vnadan merve sen─▒n hayran─▒nn─▒m herhalde ├žok ├Âenem g├Âsteriyorsun ├ž├╝nkl├╝ bu ├Âenm efsane prens te ve denizler imparatorunda ├žok belliydi ya ke┼čke t├╝rkiyey gelsende sen─▒ g├Ârebilsem ya sen─▒ ├žokkk seviyorumm can─▒m ben─▒m

  15. hello,song il gook I am from Iran that country you came last mounths.thank you very much about it, I raelly liked to see you but I cooldnt! I like you and your acting very much and I hope to see you maybe in Iran or korea.

  16. Hy, I wish to tell to you that you and could not guess that to you love in Armenia. You here too have admirers

  17. Saranghae oppa, i’m waiting for your new drama a man called god,
    And….anybody can help me to find the dvd of terms of endearment??

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